WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

San Francisco's most strictly prohibited order, smoking is not allowed at home, and electronic cigarettes are not allowed


Guide: with the increasing efforts to ban smoking all over the world, more and more countries and regions have begun to implement strict smoking control measures, among which the most common is the prohibition of smoking in public places.

San Francisco's most strictly prohibited order, smoking is not allowed at home, and electronic cigarettes are not allowed

As a tobacco hazard reduction product, e-cigarette itself does not contain tar, carbon monoxide and other toxic and harmful substances. Science has proved that under normal use, there are no "second-hand smoke" and "formaldehyde" and other problems. However, due to the fog and fragrance generated during the use of e-cigarette, it will affect other people, so the use of e-cigarette is also prohibited in non-smoking places.

Many smokers are used to banning smoking in public places. Offices, restaurants, stations, toilets More and more scenes in daily life can't be puffed at will. Maybe for smokers and e-cigarette users, only in the private space of home can they do what they want.

But if someone told you that smoking and e-cigarettes were forbidden in your own home, what would you think?

This is not groundless. In San Francisco, the ban on private space tobacco and e-cigarettes may soon be implemented.

Norman Yee, chairman of the San Francisco City Council, proposed banning smoking and the use of electronic cigarettes and other products containing nicotine in private homes, whether they are rented or owned by owners.

The proposal was formally put forward on December 1. A week later, it was finally reviewed and voted. Finally, it was passed by 10 votes in favor and 1 vote against.

San Francisco is the first city in the United States to completely ban the sale of e-cigarettes. If the ban on indoor e-cigarettes and smoking is passed, the San Francisco Bay area will become the region with the most stringent e-cigarette policies in North America.

The mayor of San Francisco, London breed, who signed the ban on the sale of e-cigarettes, will also sign it into law after the approval of the supervisory committee.

In his proposal, Norman Yi explained that the prohibition of smoking and the use of e-cigarettes in private spaces such as apartments is mainly due to the fact that smoke will move in various units without being controlled. The introduction of the bill can protect (non-smoking) tenants and residents, and further restrict smoking, a dangerous lifestyle, to protect public health.

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