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New discovery of cannabinol application scenario: research shows that CBD is very


Now no matter in spring, summer, autumn and winter, you can always buy all kinds of fruits "shining brightly" in supermarkets or fruit stalls. In fact, this is more fruit preservatives "credit", they are often painted on the surface of the fruit, thereby slowing down the deterioration of fruit.

Commonly used fruit preservatives include benzoic acid, butyl hydroxyanisole (BHA), dibutyl hydroxytoluene (BHT), sodium hydrogen carbonate, ethoxyquinoline, etc., as well as potassium sorbate, sodium diacetate, calcium acetate and other preservatives.

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Fruit preservatives are mainly aimed at preventing and killing the growth of microorganisms and bacteria in fruits, maintaining relative humidity and avoiding water evaporation. The correct use of fruit preservatives can really make fruits keep fresh. If preservatives exceed the standard or are added illegally, it will do great harm to human body. It may lead to gene damage, liver and kidney damage, and chronic poisoning.

CBD may be the most healthy fruit preservative

Maybe many people know that CBD (cannabinol) has antibacterial properties, especially for human skin care effect is excellent, we also have related articles before: CBD antibacterial mechanism was found! Inhibition of bacterial outer membrane vesicles, and this time, the application of CBD antibacterial scene again breakthrough people's imagination.

Recently, researchers from the University of Florida published their new findings online. CBD oil can be used as a preservative to inhibit the growth of yeast and mold when it is used in fruits that need to be preserved.

The University of South Florida's "use of cannabinol as a potential way to maintain strawberry quality and extend shelf life" will be published in the March 2021 issue of post harvest biology and technology.


CBD oil can prolong the shelf life of Strawberry

The new study shows that CBD oil, which covers strawberries, can extend shelf life and protect fruit from bacteria. Researchers believe that this may bring good business opportunities to CBD industry

"Evaluation of visual quality and microbial load of strawberries before and during storage indicated that CBD oil was effective in maintaining the visual appearance of strawberries compared to untreated fruits."

The researchers stored the strawberries at 1 ℃ for 8 days and stored at 10 ℃ for 8 days. The strawberries treated with CBD oil had fewer microorganisms, less molds and less yeast.

Obviously, "CBD oil can be used by businesses and families as an effective natural, harmless antibacterial agent, and prolong the shelf life of strawberries.". To be sure, CBD oil can also be used for other fruit preservation.

From these results, the research team believes that:

CBD oil as a preservative has broad development potential.

Fruits treated with CBD oil have higher quality after storage and transportation.

Other studies

A study published in June by Australian researchers showed that cannabinoid killed all bacterial strains, including those highly resistant to existing antibiotics, and effectively treated skin infections in mice. In addition, even if the bacteria were exposed to CBD for 20 days, they would not develop resistance to CBD. During this period, bacteria could be resistant to antibiotics.

A similar study by the University of Southern Denmark, published in March this year, used CBD as a "adjuvant compound" to enhance the effect of bacitracin antibiotics on staphylococcal infections. When researchers used CBD in combination with antibiotics, they "found that it was more effective than antibiotics alone" and could kill a variety of bacteria, requiring fewer antibiotics.

An independent study published in February found that CBD and CBG (cannabinoid phenol) can defeat a family of bacteria known as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA.

The application prospect of CBD is like a huge treasure, waiting for people to explore constantly.

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