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The city of Detroit is expected to issue an entertainment marijuana license in June next year


Residents of Detroit, Michigan, will be able to apply for leisure marijuana certification from next month and may get a license before the summer, vapingpost reported.

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Detroit Mayor Mike Dugan and city councilor James Tate have just announced a license program to start on January 19, 2021, with the first licenses expected to be issued in June.

"This is the most controversial clause to date," Dugan said. "The city will not issue licenses to any enterprise unless 50% of the licenses in that category are antitrust enterprises. In other words, if you're a stranger, you won't get a license unless you already have one. We will never be less than 50%. "

Tate explained that the aim of the plan is to ensure that marijuana users benefit from high margin industries rather than be affected by the country's failed "war on drugs.". "We have to make sure that mistakes are corrected. Some of us today live very well on marijuana, which causes mass incarceration across the country in Detroit, so this is an opportunity for us

An article in the Detroit News explains that applicants are eligible for "traditional" certification "if they have lived in Detroit for 15 years in the past 30 years; if they have lived in Detroit for 13 years in the past 30 years and are low-income; or have lived in Detroit for 10 years in the past 30 years and have been convicted of marijuana."

From a public health point of view, this will also be seen as a positive progress, as legalization of the substance will reduce its presence on the black market, so users will be more likely to obtain it from regulated and safe sources. In fact, a study published by the U.S. hemp network showed that the most common product of marijuana in the United States was released in April.

"Our findings suggest that people in recreational marijuana states are less likely to buy illegal marijuana products on the black market," said Dr. Alex Hollingsworth, an assistant professor at Indiana University's O'Neill School of public and environmental affairs and co-author of the American Medical Association's online open research.

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