WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Essentra introduces biodegradable filter


According to reports, essentra filters, a company that produces cigarette filters, has launched three new patented products eco cavitec, eco sensing and eco cavitec sensing. The patented products have the characteristics of plastic and 100% biodegradability, while maintaining the unique sensory properties, performance and quality characteristics of essentra filters.

"While recent trends have brought disposable plastics and sustainability to the forefront of the conversation, essentra filters is committed to a sustainable future," said Seng Keong low, global marketing manager at essentra.

"We are constantly innovating high-quality, environmentally friendly products, including our paper cellulose acetate blend bitech filters, as well as single stage paper filters such as myria and ochre filters. In the latest step of our sustainable development, our new eco cavitec, eco sensing and eco cavitec sensing filters provide plastic free, 100% biodegradable alternatives with unique sensory properties and quality performance, which is a real revolution in filter technology. "

Eco cavitec filter is a kind of patented environmental protection filter with unique sensory characteristics, which reduces the efficiency of typical paper filter to provide more full flavor. The design is manufactured with essentra's market cavitec technology. In addition to the customization of size, cavity length, cavity number, pressure drop and structural materials (i.e. paper or other nonwovens), it can also be customized and combined with any other market segment.

Eco sense filter is a proprietary, environmentally friendly filter option to attract consumers with his senses. Capsules embedded in paper can be crushed at any time, allowing consumers to control their taste experience. In addition to customizing the capsule type, cavity size or the use of colored wrapping paper and tow, eco sensing filters can also use different paper types, combined with other ends, or injection technology to achieve additional sensory advantages.

Eco cavitec sensing is a patented filter, an environmental protection filter with three unique sensory properties. It combines the characteristics of nonwovens with the market leading cavitec technology of essentra to create a truly sustainable future. As the capsule can move freely in the cavity, consumers can hear the rattle of the capsule in the cavity and feel the vibration through their fingers. The capsules can be crushed at any time to provide consumers with the flavor they need.

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