WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The chairman of the Australian tobacco harm reduction Council believes that e-cigarette is a very powerful tool to quit smoking


According to vapingpost, Australian health minister Greg Hunt proposed in June last year to ban the import of nicotine e-cigarettes. If the proposed ban on the import of nicotine containing e-cigarette liquids comes into effect, violators will be fined $220000.

Nicotine Salt Mini Electronic Cigarette

Nicotine Salt Mini Electronic Cigarette

However, less than three months after the ban came into effect, the Australian government decided to lift the ban and set up an ad hoc committee on tobacco harm reduction to investigate e-cigarettes and establish a clear e-cigarette law. Because the Australian public and members of the party are mostly against it.

Australian Senator Matthew Canavan and Congressman George Christensen petitioned to overturn the ban and instead legalize and standardize nicotine.

The committee set up to review e-cigarettes consulted the public, but the submission window has since been closed. Before the window closed, Michael Johnsen, a member of the National Party, presented his statement to the Senate information desk on behalf of the New South Wales parliament, in which he expressed his support for smoking because he had given up smoking himself. After decades of unsuccessful attempts, he began to smoke.

In his submission to the committee, Johnson cited "overwhelming evidence" that e-cigarettes are "safer" and "an effective way to quit smoking.".

Hollie Hughes, the chairman of the committee, recently said she saw e-cigarettes as "a very powerful tool to quit smoking" as part of a discussion on reducing smoking rates in Australia.

In Australia, overseas e-cigarette companies have provided adult users with access to nicotine containing e-cigarette products that cannot be obtained in local stores, which enables smokers in the country to get rid of smoking by transiting to nicotine e-cigarette liquid.

According to the personal import program of the Australian Therapeutic Drug Administration (TGA), the practice of importing nicotine aerosol products into Australia for personal use has been adopted by many smokers nationwide.

However, TGA outlines some requirements and limitations. For example, there are restrictions on the amount of nicotine that Australians can legally import for personal use at one time and how much nicotine they can import in a particular year.

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