WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Russia tightens tobacco sales regulations: banning online sales of nicotine containing products


The amendment to the law on the protection of citizens' health from the influence of surrounding cigarettes came into effect in Russia. In the future, Russians will not be able to buy hookah and nicotine containing products online, including tobacco heating rods and e-cigarette liquid.

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Previously, the restrictions were limited to tobacco products, requiring cigarettes to be sold only in shops or kiosks. Now the restrictions are extended to nicotine containing products and hookahs, which are banned from buying online.

Manufacturers are ready for change. Last week, users of the iqos tobacco heating system received a letter informing them that online sales of tobacco heating rods for the system would stop from January 27.

Ilona miltova, legal director of Imperial Tobacco in Russia and Central Asia, said the company would ban the online sale of myblu e-cigarette liquid as required by law.

"We look forward to a reduction in sales [of hookah and nicotine containing products] in the short term. Consumers need time to adapt to the new conditions, and it may not be convenient to buy these products online in stores," mirtova added. However, from the experience of cigarettes in the past, the restrictions have no real impact on the demand for products for a long time. "

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