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South Korea Research: 80% of e-cigarette users have stolen e-cigarettes in no smoking areas


According to a recent survey in South Korea, eight out of every 10 e-cigarette users in South Korea said they had used e-cigarettes secretly in smoke-free areas.

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According to South Korea's national health promotion law, people who use e-cigarettes in no smoking areas may be fined, just like those who smoke traditional tobacco.

There was no mention of heating non combustible products in the study.

A team at Assam Medical Center conducted a survey of 7000 men and women aged between 20 and 69. Among them, 394 people used e-cigarettes within one month. Among e-cigarette users, 44.6% were between 20 and 34 years old, and 74.1% were male.

Most of the participants said that 46.9% of them smoked at home, followed by private cars (36.9%) and outdoor non-smoking areas (28.3%). Men and women accounted for 44% and 55.6% of the offenders respectively, and more than half of the women used e-cigarettes secretly at home.

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