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Chicago brings new lawsuit against e-cigarette company and marketing contractor


In a new round of lawsuits against companies in the e-cigarette industry, the city government of Chicago, Illinois, accused them of still trying to make young people addicted to new e-cigarettes and nicotine, vapingpost reported.

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A small e-commerce company Vapes.com And the company's marketing contractor, equte LLC, were sued by the Chicago Department of Commerce and consumer protection, accusing them of directly marketing and selling flavoring steam products to minors in the Chicago area. This is the first lawsuit to enforce a city wide ban on flavored tobacco products, which came into effect about four months ago.

"E-cigarettes are unhealthy and addictive, and businesses are deliberately targeting young people in the hope that they can cultivate lifelong customers," mayor letterford said in a press release. Chicago's message to e-cigarette companies is clear: if you break the law, we will track you down, especially if you want to sell it to our young people. "

Lightfoot noted that BACP conducted an investigation and found that the defendant violated the city's spice tobacco ban.

"BACP is very proud to protect our young people from e-cigarettes and hold the bad guys to account," BACP Commissioner Rosa escarino said in the same press release. We will continue to closely monitor our activities and track down all incidents so that every e-cigarette company can understand that seasoning e-cigarette sales are not welcome in Chicago. "

Under Lightfoot and former mayor ram Emanuel, Chicago filed several lawsuits against e-cigarette manufacturers and retailers.

Chicago is also one of the largest municipal governments in the United States to ban flavored e-cigarette products. San Francisco, California, was the first.

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