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Britain's first! Wales will ban smoking on the playground from March next year


Wales will implement a ban on smoking in playgrounds, schools and hospitals in March next year, giving parliament the power to issue fixed penalty notices for any violations, vapingpost reported.

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This makes Wales the first UK country to impose such a ban on public playgrounds and schools. Welfare minister alud Morgan said the measure was designed to encourage people to quit smoking. The purpose of these regulations to provide for smoke-free hospital venues is to promote behavioural change and to help smokers who use our services to quit smoking.

These laws set out the measures listed for the first time in the public health Wales act, which came into force in 2017. A total of 45 senedd members voted for the ban, while only four voted against it.

Meanwhile, a 2019 local study led by researchers from Cardiff University, in collaboration with scholars from Edinburgh, Stirling, Glasgow and Bristol, analyzed data from three national surveys, including the views of 248324 young people aged 13 to 15, to analyze smoking and e-cigarette use patterns. Participants were from Wales, England and Scotland.

The study showed that the proportion of young people who reported that they had "no problem" in trying to smoke had dropped from 70% in 1999 to 27% in 2015, contrary to the claim that e-cigarettes are the "gateway" to cigarettes and normalize smoking habits. In addition, the researchers found that since 2011, the use of e-cigarettes has increased exponentially, and this ratio began to decline at a faster rate.

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