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Why is IQOS e-cigarette banned in China?


Why is IQOS e-cigarette banned in China? In recent years, as a healthy substitute for cigarettes, iqos has gradually become popular in China. Of course, it is driven by stars. Holding iqos like toys in your hand, you can achieve the effect of smoking without lighting it. But do you know that this kind of iqos cigarette bomb is prohibited in China?

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Why is IQOS e-cigarette banned in China? Iqos is a healthier cigarette really?

The reason why people choose non burning cigarette products is that on the one hand, many smokers know the harm of smoking, on the other hand, they can't quit smoking in a short time. The "iqos" non burning cigarette products are considered as "a more healthy way of smoking". They publicize the use of special non burning tobacco formula. The contents of nicotine and tar are lower than those of traditional cigarettes, and they don't contain carcinogens. But, is iqos really like its propaganda, which can greatly reduce the harm to human body?

The World Health Organization says there is no evidence that heated tobacco products are less harmful than conventional tobacco. The group also pointed out that in view of the short marketing time of such heated tobacco products, it has not been able to study their possible effects and conclude that they can help to quit smoking. At the same time, although there are many kinds of tobacco products and ways of smoking, scientific research shows that no kind of tobacco products are safe and harmless. No matter what kind of tobacco products, through what way of smoking, will cause harm to human health.

Because smoke bomb or tobacco

Iqos belongs to the heating non combustion cigarette products series. It uses electronic components to heat rather than burn. It still uses traditional tobacco and cut tobacco as raw materials to make iqos cigarette cartridge, supplemented by temperature control heating by electronic equipment. Why is e-cigarette banned in China? After the identification of tobacco quality supervision and testing station, iqos cigarette cartridges are all genuine cigarettes (with cut tobacco made of tobacco), but there is no word "monopolized by China National Tobacco Corporation", which belongs to tobacco products and does not change the essential attributes of tobacco. According to the requirements of tobacco monopoly law of the people's Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations, such products are included in the scope of supervision according to law without tobacco monopoly No production or sale shall be allowed with the approval of the Bureau.

Why is e-cigarette banned in China? Illegal sale of iqos and cigarettes will be punished

On May 9, the people's Procuratorate of Lin'an District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, prosecuted 10 people, including Yu, for suspected illegal business operation. In order to make illegal profits, the defendant, without obtaining a tobacco monopoly license, purchased various kinds of new heating and non burning tobacco products (also known as "iqos type cigarette bombs") from others and sold them to the public through Taobao, Xianyu, wechat, weidian and other network platforms Buyers from all over the country sell, use WeChat and Alipay platforms to settle accounts, and the total amount of money involved is more than 670 yuan. According to the law, the amount of cigarettes sold illegally reaches 50000 yuan, which is "serious" and constitutes the crime of illegal operation. The iqos cigarettes operated and sold by Yu and others were identified as genuine cigarettes without the words "monopolized by China National Tobacco Corporation". They were illegally sold in China, with the amount of millions of yuan. They were suspected of illegal operation.

Why is e-cigarette banned in China? So here I advise you that the best way to buy iqos and cigarette bombs is to find a professional agent. Our country forbids sales, and all suspected sales of cigarette bombs are illegal. In order to ensure our legitimate rights and interests, please open your eyes and beware of being cheated.

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