WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Iqos analysis of Caesarean section


Iqos heats tobacco to temperatures below 350 ° C without burning, no open fire, no smell of tobacco burning. Lower temperature heating releases the real flavor of tobacco. Compared with traditional cigarettes, harmful chemicals are significantly reduced. Today, we will analyze the structure of the IQs smoke bomb.

Heat Not Burn Device

Temperature Control Heat Not Burn

1. Tobacco

It is not the same as traditional tobacco. Tobacco is the original pulp paper of soaked tobacco. It is small and long strip. After heating, it is black. Of course, it can not be reused. The original has carbonized, like the essence of the earth, absorbing water, and the body has been emptied. Its advantages are harmless, smoke-free ash, no pollution. (carbonization effect after use)

2. Primary filter cotton

The middle hollow ring is constructed to provide buffer effect and filtration effect. After heating, it will be attached with yellow.

3. ventilation catheter

This design material is made of corn whiskers, and the natural material is pollution-free and biodegradable, and it is a superior filter. Its composition belongs to a new biological base, which is refined and is recognized as a non polluting and green material. The main function of the filter is to filter the tar with a small amount. It is as fierce as a tiger in operation, and the tar volume is almost 0.0000, so it is not necessary to worry about the tar production.

4. finally, the secondary filter cotton

This is also the closest position to the mouth, and the filtration effect is the most significant. The traditional cigarette filter is used to reduce the smoke at the entrance of cigarette (for example, the raw material of cigarette eggs is made of cellulose of wood, dissolved, separated, molded, shaped, cut and cut after synthesis). The more fine the fiber, the higher the filtration efficiency.

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