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HNB products have led to a five fold decline in cigarette sales since 2016


Cigarette sales have fallen sharply since the introduction of heated tobacco products (HTPs), according to a study analyzing Japanese data, vapingpost reported.

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Frost & Sullivan, in collaboration with tobacco company Philip Morris International (PMI), wrote a paper entitled "tobacco harm reduction and new nicotine and tobacco products: evidence from the Japanese market", which found that the entry of HTPs led to a 34% decline in cigarette sales.

"The commercial application of HTPs in Japan is related to the sharp decline of traditional cigarette sales, which is far faster than the previous decline. Moreover, even after the advent of HTPs, sales of all tobacco products (HTPs and traditional cigarettes) continued to decline. Despite mixed evidence, data from the 2019 national health survey show that 76% of consumers use only HTPs. Only 24% of HTP users maintain dual use. " Said Mark Dougan, director of healthcare consulting at Frost & Sullivan.

"The Japanese government distinguishes HTPs from traditional cigarettes in terms of taxes, health warnings and restrictions on indoor use, and the regulatory setting of HTPs is generally not as strict as traditional cigarettes," he added.

Similarly, an article entitled "what's the reason for the rapid decline of cigarette sales in Japan?" published in the International Journal of environmental research and public health on May 20? 》Since 2016, cigarette sales have accelerated to decline five times, corresponding to the growth of HTP sales.

Commenting on the study, Professor David sweanor, a well-known risk reduction advocate, explained that although Japanese regulations prohibit the use of alternatives to combustible cigarettes, Japan has successfully controlled the reduction of tobacco hazards.

"In one major market, we see the fastest decline in cigarette sales ever. One third of the cigarette market disappeared in a fairly short period of time, which was achieved through non mandatory measures. People who smoke just get a viable alternative. "

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