WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

PMI will launch iqos VEEV in many countries and regions in 2021


The iqos-veev, the latest electronic atomizing device of tobacco giant Philip Morris International (PMI), was launched in New Zealand in the third quarter of 2020 and is planned to be launched in other markets this year, vapingpost reported.

Heat Not Burn Device

Temperature Control Heat Not Burn

Despite the use of heating technology, the difference between iqos-veev and ordinary iqos is that it does not heat tobacco, but electronic liquid. VEEV is a kind of pre filled and pre sealed bullet exchange product with electronic liquid, with metal mesh and small holes, which can heat the liquid.

In addition to drug grade nicotine, the electronic liquid in VEEV also contains food grade flavors.

"Our goal is for all adults around the world who would have continued to smoke to switch to better alternatives based on science," said Jacek olczak, PMI's incoming Polish chief executive.

"If adult smokers don't smoke, they should know and have the opportunity to get better alternatives to cigarettes. Smoke free products like iqos, though not risk-free, are much better than continuing to smoke. We have to find out the truth, clarify any confusion for consumers, and prevent them from using cigarettes again, because cigarettes are one of the most harmful forms of nicotine consumption. "

"I firmly believe that the answer lies in dialogue, in addressing consumers' misinformation and confusion, and in open and scientific discussions, with a focus on providing better choices for adults who would otherwise continue to smoke," he added.

Noting that the vast majority of its total growth in the IOS heating market was driven by Japan Tobacco, which accounted for almost 26% of the total IOS heating market.

An article in edge magazine stressed that despite the challenges posed by the covid-19 pandemic, PMI performed better than expected.

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