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The new e-cigarette products are not harmless smoke bombs or cause water and soil pollution


According to foreign reports, a new study by the University of California at Riverside shows that the fourth generation of e-cigarettes are similar in design to previous generations, and contain elements that may have adverse effects on health and accumulate in the environment.

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Long term exposure to elements / metals in the nebulizer may have adverse effects on human health, the researchers said. In addition, the smoke bomb products that eventually enter the environment may cause chemical pollution of water and soil.

"The more aesthetically these devices evolve, the more unchanged the composition and element composition of the nebulizer," Esther Omeyer, a graduate student in the Department of molecular, cellular and systems biology at the University of California, riverside, and the lead author of a research paper published in PLoS One, said in a statement

"Although the main components such as fine wire, thick wire, fine wire connector, air tube and wick have been preserved for several generations, we see newer components in the fourth generation of cartridge products, such as connector pins, connector wire connector, ceramic core and cartridge containing atomization core."

"We set out to describe the design features of the cartridge nebulizer and analyze the element composition of the nebulizer." Prue Talbot, Professor of cell biology at UCR, said.

In the past decade, the appearance, design, battery power supply, atomizer and nicotine delivery of e-cigarettes have been developing continuously. The fourth generation cartridge has low power battery, electronic liquid storage tank and atomizer / nozzle. They contain high levels of nicotine and acid, the researchers said.

Scientists have a limited understanding of what constitutes the bomb changer nebulizers, which are needed for the production of aerosols in e-cigarettes.

"Because the elements in the atomizer can penetrate into the electronic fluid or transfer to the aerosol when the electronic fluid is heated, it is very important to understand what these elements are for users to have access to," said o'maier of Talbot laboratory.

The researchers investigated 11 fourth generation cigarette bombs from six brands / manufacturers. Among the 23 elements identified in the smoke bomb atomizer, 11 elements have higher contents of nickel, chromium, iron, gold, copper, zinc, tin, oxygen, silicon, carbon and sodium. Some of these factors are related to human diseases, including cardiovascular disease, immunosuppression, lung injury, cancer, kidney damage, neurotoxicity and silicosis. Nickel, chromium, iron and gold are the most abundant elements in the fourth generation atomizer.

"We now know what elements users are likely to inhale when using the fourth generation products," he said. Our work reinforces the idea that e-cigarettes are not harmless. Our next study is to evaluate the liquids and aerosols produced by fourth generation products to better understand how their elements directly affect the health of e-cigarette users. "

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