WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Will bidi vapor become another black horse of e-cigarettes after Juul?


According to foreign reports, bidi vapor, the  electronic cigarettes manufacturer, successfully completed the regulatory procedures for entering four new important markets, namely, the UK, Russia, New Zealand and Australia.

Among the four new markets mentioned above, the company has recently successfully obtained the pre market authorization of the drug and health products regulatory authority of the UK regulatory body, which can sell and market bidi vapor products through kaival brands in the UK, and complete the distribution approval procedures for the sale and sale of products in Russia, new Zealand and Australia.

Kaival brands, the exclusive exclusive agent of bidi vapor, said that once the local distribution agreement has been consolidated, the sale and sale of all products will begin and it is believed that the first sales will be realized in each of these new regions in the next six months, with the UK being the first.

Bidi vapor's main product is bidi stick is, it is a closed system of one-time electronic nicotine transmission system (ends), similar to Jul's one-time electronic smoke system.

Kaival brands also said it would show its bidi stick at voxpo virtual trade show from April 28 to 30. Although voxpo is the first international exhibition of bidi, it is expected to participate in similar events in Australia, New Zealand and Russia.

PMTA application submitted in the United States

Bidi vapor said its products have passed various in vitro and in vivo toxicity tests (including genotoxicity tests) in laboratories approved by GLP (good laboratory specifications), as well as HPHC (harmful and potential harmful components) of aerosols and aerosols. By september2020, the company has submitted its pre market tobacco product application (PMTA) to the FDA. Its application is over 285000 pages. 11 flavor varieties with nicotine concentration of 6% (weight / volume) were introduced in detail.

Bidi pouch is coming

By the end of 2020, bidi vapor announced that the nicotine bag product bidi pouch, which is made of smokeless nicotine formula, aims to provide users with a high-quality smokeless nicotine experience. Bidi stick has established a strong wholesale distribution network through its high-quality electronic cigarette products, so bidi pouch can be distributed immediately through existing channels.

According to the Market Research Report, the nicotine bag market is expected to grow from $637.8 million in 2019 to $3.35 billion by 2025. The category has been explosive recently, with New York based Nielsen reporting unit sales of convenience stores in the United States up 498 per cent in the 24 weeks to 30 may 2020.

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