WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

22 century group, the discussion about reducing nicotine is very intense


The 22 century group said it was fully prepared to launch the VLN nicotine brand in cooperation with the food and Drug Administration (FDA) and to empower each cigarette manufacturer with its technology.

22 century group, the discussion about reducing nicotine is very intense

Recent media reports have shown that the Biden government is actively considering advancing the advance notice of the proposed rulemaking (ANPRM), requiring tobacco manufacturers to reduce nicotine content in all combustible cigarettes sold in the United States, to "minimize or avoid addiction".

"Since the Obama administration, the FDA has been setting the nicotine ceiling," James A. mish, the 22nd century group chief executive, said in a statement“ For this time, the 22nd century group has been using our VLN cigarettes to prove without doubt that a cigarette with nicotine content identified by FDA as "minimum or non addictive" is technically feasible. In addition, the order is necessary and appropriate, given that millions of Americans smoke and will suffer and die of addiction. "

"As the only company currently capable of providing combustible tobacco products that meet FDA requirements, we look forward to helping in this key public health initiative.

A large number of independent studies, funded mainly by U.S. government agencies, have long confirmed the benefits of an order to reduce nicotine content for adult smokers.

"Once this provision comes into effect, we are fully prepared to provide VLN cigarettes to adult smokers, and we are still willing to empower our technology to every cigarette manufacturer in the industry, giving them the opportunity to join our efforts to reduce the harm of smoking and protect future generations from being addicted to cigarettes."

The ANPRM, which the Biden government is considering advancing, was released in March 2018 and the comments are expected to end in June 2018. FDA may issue a rulemaking notice before the final rules are released as the next step in the rulemaking process.

RNC cigarette of the 22nd century group is made of patent tobacco, with 95% less nicotine content than traditional cigarette, which is the only combustible tobacco product that can meet the nicotine content in FDA ANPRM tobacco product standard. ANPRM aims to reduce nicotine content in all combustible cigarettes, according to the 22nd century group.

The company believes that applications for improved risk tobacco product identification have entered the final stage due to the decrease in nicotine content in cigarettes, VLN king and VLN mint flavor king. The logo will allow the 22nd century group to convey the main features of these products, including the claim that "nicotine is reduced by 95 per cent".

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