WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Anti smoking activists in Kenya demand a ban on LYFT nicotine bags


Kenya's anti tobacco advocates are now eyeing British American Tobacco's LYFT nicotine bags, demanding a total ban on the production, sale and import of the product.

Anti smoking activists in Kenya demand a ban on LYFT nicotine bags

LYFT has been registered as a drug by the Kenya pharmacy and Drug Administration (ppb). But anti tobacco advocates argue that LYFT is not a drug, but a drug that causes serious addiction among young people and a sharp increase in non communicable diseases.

Advocates include the Kenya tobacco control alliance, the International Institute of legislative affairs, the national Taxpayers Association, the Kenya cancer organization network, the light of hope youth group, the consumer information network, the Kenyan Academy of Sciences, and the social liberation and health promotion network. They sent a petition to cabinet health minister mutahi kagwe, hoping that the Ministry of health would fully implement tobacco control policies and measures.

"We firmly believe that these products entered the Kenyan market through illegal channels and that ppb has violated the law," they said in the petition. We know that these products have been withdrawn from the market, and your quick action is commendable. However, we are concerned that bat will still sell these products to the Kenyan market. The government has a legal obligation to protect its people from these tobacco products and their derivatives. As we all know, these tobacco products and their derivatives cause millions of premature deaths worldwide every year. These are preventable and avoidable

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