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Dutch e-cigarette users can still prevent the flavor ban from taking effect


According to foreign reports, the outgoing Dutch cabinet (Council of Ministers) approved the seasoning ban, which has long been threatened, despite strong opposition from consumers on the 21st. But supporters of e-cigarettes say the law, which will take effect on July 1, 2022, can still be stopped.

If the house of Representatives declares the issue controversial, the new cabinet will reconsider the decision when the new cabinet is formed.

Dutch consumer advocate levoda and Trade Organization esigbond are working together on a dedicated website called smaak noodzaak to encourage e-cigarette users to share their quitting stories with Dutch political parties and members of Parliament via Twitter and email. The goal is to let thousands of e-cigarette consumers convey their message to the new vulnerable representatives while the government is constantly changing.

Smaak noodzaak said the new members could still declare the decision controversial, so it had to be decided by the new cabinet instead of the outgoing health minister.

Paul blokhuis, the outgoing health minister and State Secretary, announced the spice ban legislation in June 2020. In December, the government started a public consultation and received a record number of public comments on Dutch health-related laws - almost all against them.

In addition to the record number of public comments, the electronic cigarette advocate has submitted a petition to the government against more than 19000 consumers and business people. The population of the Netherlands is just over 17 million. According to esigbond, about 400000 Dutch citizens smoke e-cigarettes.)

Trimbos Institute is a private organization with partial tax-free status in cooperation with the World Health Organization and the European Commission. The 2020 study commissioned by the Ministry of health has proved the rationality of the spice ban.

Trimbos research uses selected science to support its conclusion that flavored e-cigarettes attract young users, e-cigarettes are not as safe as previously thought, and there is growing evidence that e-cigarettes are the entry point of tobacco.

Four other European countries Denmark, Estonia, Finland and Hungary now have a ban on fragrance. Denmark passed the ban in December last year, but it will not be fully effective until April 1, 2022. No European country has completely banned e-cigarettes.

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