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Nicotine e-cigarettes will be allowed into Australia, but must be obtained in the form of a prescription


According to foreign reports, the Pharmaceutical Association of Australia (PSA) announced that it urged all pharmacists to understand the regulatory changes of nicotine e-cigarettes.

According to a policy document released by PSA, e-cigarette products containing nicotine can only be sold in Australia through prescription by doctors and pharmacists, and are subject to strict scrutiny by the therapeutic products authority (TGA).

Nicotine e-cigarettes will be allowed into Australia, but must be obtained in the form of a prescription

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TGA is equivalent to the food and Drug Administration of the U.S. government in Australia or the drug and health products regulatory agency of the U.K.

"Liquid nicotine is not currently available through the drug supply chain," the Australian Pharmaceutical Association policy paper reported As an unapproved product, pharmacists need to develop a clear process to ensure that liquid nicotine is provided on prescription according to TGA's approval and meets TGA's product standard for unapproved e-cigarette products, i.e. therapeutic supplies order. The standard includes requirements related to labeling (e.g. warning and nicotine content), packaging (child protective cover), ingredients and contaminants. "

The coalition government's policy that e-cigarettes must be prescribed by doctors will take effect on October 1, 2021.

PSA noted that while there is still evidence to support smoking cessation or minimization of harm with vaporized nicotine, these changes are coming and pharmacists will be there to support patients with prescriptions. " Given the importance of regulatory changes in nicotine and the large number of people currently using vaporized nicotine, it is important to provide pharmacists with appropriate resource guidance, including clinical guidelines and practical support tools, to help their patients.

Chris Freeman, PSA's national president, said pharmacists need to be prepared for policy changes and support more than 200000 people who are estimated to be using aerosol nicotine and e-cigarettes.

"Regulators around the world are right to be cautious about the risks and benefits of inhaled nicotine delivered through e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are largely unregulated, and their use overseas is mainly driven by the tobacco industry, "Freeman said.

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