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Cotton core or ceramic core? Technology change of electronic smog industry


Atomization technology is gradually entering the field of vision of more people, and began to be applied in more fields.

For example, at the general meeting of the 2021 Pujiang innovation forum held on June 3, Chen Wei, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said, "now vaccines are injected, but in fact they can be injected in other ways, such as aerosol inhalation."

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The atomization inhalation immunity mentioned by academician Chen Wei is to use atomizer to atomize the vaccine into tiny particles and enter the respiratory tract and lungs through breathing inhalation, so as to stimulate mucosal immunity.

It is not difficult to see that atomization technology, a new technology jointly promoted by R & D and products, is becoming the research object of many industry experts.

What is "electronic atomization"?

Atomization technology has a long history. After people began to transform liquid into gas by some ways and inhale it into the body, atomization technology has been widely used in the medical field. In the field of medical atomization, high pressure, ultrasound, dry powder inhalation are the mainstream choice of atomization therapy.

So what is the core atomization principle of the electronic atomizer, which is widely recognized by the public and represented by the electronic cigarette?

The early application of electronic atomization in consumer goods originated from "Ruyan" which was developed by pharmacist Han Li; As a mass consumer goods, e-cigarette is popular in dozens of countries around the world, which is due to the rise of "big smoke equipment" and "small smoke".

Large smoke equipment, that is, the early electronic smoke equipment completed by self oiling and connecting the atomizer, usually needs to be equipped with large capacity battery, high-power heating wire (power adjustable), oil bin, cotton atomizing core and other main components. Among them, the application of the cotton core and the adaptation of the cotton core with other components are the focus of technical research in the atomization industry for many years.

What is the heating atomization process of cotton core?

In short, the processed fiber cotton is wrapped on the heating wire, and the smoke oil is penetrated into the fiber cotton; After the power supply of the atomizing equipment, the user will activate the air pressure switch when using the product, and the cotton core soaked with the smoke oil will be heated to complete the process of atomizing the smoke oil into aerosol.

Among them, the fiber aperture, material density, oil absorption, durability and other factors of cotton core all determine the final use safety, internal sanitary conditions and user experience of cotton core electronic atomizer. With the application and popularization of cotton core, electronic atomization has gradually become a new choice of atomization consumption for users, and "small smoke" has emerged as the times require.

Nowadays, based on the rise of "nicotine salt" technology, more and more small cigarette R & D manufacturers begin to design and launch new products with different positioning and tastes. Small cigarettes also begin to come out of the circle, giving birth to 100 billion level listed enterprises.

Among them, the application of honeycomb ceramic core is also an important factor for the rapid development of the industry.

Different from the wide application of cotton core in the era of heavy smog, ceramic atomization core is a solution for atomization core rising in recent years. By rapidly heating the smoke oil infiltrating into honeycomb ceramics, the atomization effect similar to that of cotton core can be achieved.

According to the market information, most of the well-known e-cigarette manufacturers in China have adopted two schemes of cotton core and ceramic core in the product matrix, and designed the corresponding products according to their respective characteristics, and the market has also formed a pattern of two atomizing cores with "two feet working together".

Evolution of cotton core

Cotton core is one of the earliest and widely used technology routes in electronic atomization industry. The characteristics of good deoxidization degree of tobacco oil taste and high degree of equipment customization are also important reasons for users to choose cotton core.

In Europe, North America and other markets where open atomization equipment is popular, users can match different styles of large smoke equipment by selecting atomizer batteries, oil tanks and atomizers of mature brands; In terms of cigarette oil, users can also purchase cigarette oil to meet their personal preferences.

The emergence of ceramic atomization core gives the closed small smoke a new choice. It has the characteristics of strong sealing and uniform heating temperature. Compared with the "user self wrapped cotton core" in the era of big smoke, it is easier to carry, but its taste reduction degree is not as good as the cotton core.

According to incomplete statistics, among the top ten manufacturers in China, nearly 10 products adopt the feelm ceramic atomization core solution launched by SIMORE, while nearly 10 products also adopt the sensit cotton core atomization solution.

What is sensit? What are the methods to ensure the core leak proof and taste reduction?

To answer this question, we need to start with aspire EGAT.

Aspire EGAT was founded in Shenzhen in 2010. How to solve the experience problem caused by inherent defects of cotton core is a problem that the company has been committed to overcome for a long time.

Around 2011-2016, there is a period of rapid growth in the global big smoke market. It is also during this period that EGAT launched the aspire Nautilus series big smoke equipment designed and produced by itself.

After the global electronic atomization industry has entered the fast lane of development, the regions led by Europe and North America have large market gaps, and the industry lacks relevant standards, resulting in the uneven quality of products in the market.

"Core technology and solutions are the core competitiveness of EGAT. Since its establishment, we have been iterating on core technology and products for ten years, and" sensit "comes from it." Liu tuanfang said.

Sensit is not only a cotton core solution, but also an atomization technology platform based on cotton core. Compared with traditional ceramic atomization core solutions, sensit has the following characteristics:

Leak proof and paste proof: sensit uses a variety of fiber materials of cotton (including plush fiber, coarse fiber, etc.), and adds pressure relief hole, multi bin, recovery system, etc. to ensure that the contact part with the heating wire does not paste the core, while strengthening the overall oil conductivity of the cotton core;

High reducing degree of taste: the gas produced by heating and atomizing cotton core is mainly macromolecular, which can better satisfy the taste and taste of the oil components;

Heating wire: through continuous testing, we can find the best heating wire power matching with the cotton core. Among them, because the oil supply capacity of the cotton core is stronger than that of the ceramic core, the output power of the heating wire can meet the needs of different products to the maximum extent;

In addition to the above points, sensit also adds the self-developed oil guide structure, conductive system, smoke discharge system and oil core separation structure, so that the smoke bomb can ensure the final atomization stability and leakage resistance no matter it is used in long-distance transportation or in different scenes.

"Sensit was born not because it has the ability that other technical teams don't have, but because the team has always hoped to bring the cotton core technology into play in more fields and serve more creative enterprises / brands with correct values, which is the core power to support the continuous iterative optimization of cotton core solutions and give birth to sensit." Liu tuanfang said.

From cotton core to atomization

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, electronic atomization technology is providing new value for more fields. As far as sensit is concerned, the continuous development of cotton core technology has also made its value more than its e-cigarette industry partners and EGAT itself.

From aspire to aspire global, EGAT's own product matrix has also matured - Nautilus series focusing on big smoke, and ispire series rapidly occupying the North American market in the new atomization field, giving EGAT a unique opportunity to feel the market demand and technology development trend, and at the same time, better serve the partners.

Before that, SIMORE international and Wuxin technology, which also take technology output or product design as the core, have successfully landed in the secondary market“ The concept of the company has not changed since its inception. We are still most concerned about product safety and user needs. " Liu tuanfang told 36 krypton.

According to AI media consulting research, in 2020, the global electronic atomization market will reach US $42.4 billion, but its growth rate will slow down. The core reasons include the global epidemic, restrictions on production and logistics, policy supervision, etc.

In fact, China, as the center of global electronic atomization technology and supply, has gone through the initial stage of exploration.

On March 22, the Ministry of industry and information technology released the "decision on amendment (Draft)", which shows that "new tobacco products such as e-cigarettes shall be implemented according to the relevant provisions on cigarettes in these regulations." This amendment is mainly to implement the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on promoting the legalization of e-cigarette supervision, clarify the legal basis for the supervision of e-cigarettes and other new tobacco products, and make a good connection with the "law of the people's Republic of China on the protection of minors" and other laws and regulations.

Continuous improvement of the regulatory system will enable the industry to embark on the road of formal development. When the tide of "new cigarettes" recedes, it is believed that enterprises with more social values will continue to move forward, so that people can understand the technology and concept behind electronic atomization and at the same time serve more consumers.

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