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The battle of universal vape pod,competition is the soul of e-cigarette


Just when e-cigarettes are under constant pressure of policy supervision, the competition in the industry is also increasing. Universal vape pod has become the killer technology of the latecomers, challenging the leading position of the industry. Should Universal be encouraged in e-cigarette industry?

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The electronic cigarette is usually composed of a cigarette rod and a cigarette cartridge. The cigarette pole is durable goods, if it is not bad, it can be used all the time. It belongs to low-frequency consumption; Cigarette bombs are high-frequency consumption. You have to buy one after using it. Usually, a cigarette bomb costs about 30 yuan. Universal means to attract consumers by reducing the price and increasing the taste of cigarettes that can be used by mainstream manufacturers. At present, the sales volume of cigarette bombs of Universal manufacturers has increased rapidly, mainly because the price is cheap and there are many flavors. The increase of one side means that the market of the other side is squeezed.

Both sides have their own reasons. The manufacturer of cigarette cartridge usually blames the e-cigarette manufacturer for suppressing and deceiving the small to prevent the innovation of the industry. E-cigarette manufacturers believe that they disrupt the market, fake and inferior products damage the brand image.

For example, brand manufacturers may want to do some hunger marketing, and they may have to control the supply of goods. Because of the existence of Universal vape pod manufacturers, they can't do it, and it's not easy to establish a higher brand image by maintaining the price system.

E-cigarette manufacturers produce their own cigarette cartridges. If they want to make them long-term, they should pay attention to the quality. However, the quality of general manufacturers may not be controlled so well. To make more flavors, it may also take a certain degree of risk.

In mobile phone manufacturers, there are many manufacturers of accessories. All kinds of components have accessories. For example, some people make batteries and some people make screens. It's convenient for everyone to use. No one thinks it's wrong. Moreover, universal vape pod is more convenient for consumers. With Universal Electronic Cigarette, consumers can find goods more easily and have the opportunity to buy goods at a lower price, which encourages competition.

But on the other hand, most manufacturers do not want consumers to use universal. For example, mobile phone manufacturers will prompt that non original chargers may have quality problems.

However, the e-cigarette bomb is not the same as the common one. In the e-cigarette industry, the value of this product accounts for a high proportion in the whole industry. The e-cigarette is divided into two parts, one is electronic, which is the cigarette rod, the other is cigarette, which is the cigarette bullet. The cigarette bullet is the core. Consumers repeatedly purchase the cigarette bullet, but not the cigarette rod. It can be said that the imagination of the e-cigarette industry lies in the cigarette bullet.

Amazon doesn't want to make money through the Kindle, but wants to sell e-books on it. The same is true in the e-cigarette industry. The cigarette holder is just an accessory of the cigarette cartridge. It still needs to sell the cigarette cartridge to make more money.

If universal electronic cigarette cartridge replaces mainstream cigarette bomb manufacturers, it is mainstream cigarette bomb manufacturers who work for universal vape pod manufacturers. Mainstream manufacturers create brand image through R & D, advertising and marketing, and carefully maintain the brand image. The biggest beneficiary will become the manufacturer of universal cigarette and bullet. If this kind of free riding behavior in business is protected by law, it is not good for innovation and counter makers.

Some time ago, the person in charge of SAIC said that he did not intend to use Huawei's car operating system. There was a soul fight. The operating system is the soul of a car. If even the soul is from other manufacturers, the whole vehicle factory is just a shell. As the leader of China's automobile industry, SAIC, of course, has to be different from those small manufacturers and compete for the right to speak on the operating system.

The smoke bomb of e-cigarette is the soul of e-cigarette. E-cigarette manufacturers, if the cigarette cartridge is replaced by universal electronic cigarette cartridge, it may be just a shell, with greatly reduced value and no status to speak of.

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