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New Zealand has stepped up the ban on smoking, and e-cigarettes have become victims


According to the comprehensive report of New Zealand Chinese Pioneer Network, rnz reported that the new e-cigarette law has entered into force on August 11, and it will be more difficult for young people in New Zealand to obtain e-cigarette products.

Mixed Flavor Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Mixed Flavor Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Ordinary retailers in New Zealand (stores other than e-cigarette stores), including canteens, supermarkets and gas stations, are now allowed to sell only three flavors of e-cigarettes: Menthol, mint and tobacco.

This is part of New Zealand's legislation to build a smoke-free society. The purpose is to protect young people from being influenced by the outside world and starting to try smoking. For some retailers, the new bill gives them a sigh of relief.

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PJ runs a grocery store near a high school. He said that nearly 20 Teenagers come into the store every week to buy e-cigarettes“ They will try peach mint, or watermelon, which are very popular. " Flavored e-cigarettes were very popular among teenagers. Until last November, there was no age limit for buying such products in New Zealand.

Now, retailers can be fined up to NZ $10000 (about 45500 yuan) for selling tobacco products to minors. Other e-cigarette liquids are now sold only in e-cigarette stores, which have stricter security mechanisms to prevent people under the age of 18 from buying and using them. E-cigarette stores support the legislation and are preparing to deal with the influx of young customers.

For a long time, although most specialty stores have an 18-year-old consumption age limit for e-cigarette products and customers, some managers say that many teenagers will try their luck. Nabhik Gupta, a spokesman for shosha, New Zealand's largest e-cigarette retailer, said that there has always been a problem of minors entering their stores“ We have about 90 stores and we encounter this situation several times a week. " They have been reminding employees of changes in regulations and their responsibilities as retailers.

The next step in the government's smoke-free bill is to ban smoking and electronic cigarettes in vehicles with children. The bill will come into force at the end of November.

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