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US health department data show that 31% of Hawaiian teenagers use e-cigarettes


According to foreign reports, according to a 2019 survey report by the Department of health of Hawaii, about 31% of high school students in Hawaii regularly smoke e-cigarettes.

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The number of adjacent islands is higher. In Hawaii, lovely island and Maui County, nearly 36% of high school students often smoke e-cigarettes.

In middle school, about 18% of students said they also smoke e-cigarettes regularly. The number of neighboring islands is higher again. The State Department of health is launching a new advertising campaign for adolescent e-cigarette users in Hawaii.

These ads inform teenagers about the risks of e-cigarettes and can be seen in popular social media applications such as instagram and tiktok. The health department interviewed 70 teenagers in the state and found that most of them smoked e-cigarettes in social occasions.

These advertisements explain the impact of nicotine addiction on adolescent brain development and how it affects social relations. The health department is working on a policy to ban the sale in Hawaii of sweet e-cigarettes that often induce teenagers to start smoking e-cigarettes.

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