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UK e-cigarette expert: why is compliance important to the e-cigarette industry


According to foreign reports, James Dunworth, co-founder and chairman of e-cigarette direct and member of the steering committee of the British Independent Electronic Cigarette Trade Association (ibvta), recently wrote an article on why the electronic cigarette industry should comply.

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The following is the full text:

A few years ago, the e-cigarette industry fought for a complete ban on e-cigarettes. We met any politician willing to talk to us. We encourage customers to write to their representatives. I appeared on TV and radio, but I hated it. I contacted the media and wrote a lot of articles.

Although we have won compromises, they are often unsatisfactory. For example, the nicotine limit is set at 2% - not enough for every smoker. The capacity is set to 2ml, which means that heavy users need to fill up frequently, while 10ml plastic bottles are forced to use, which means more plastic waste.

Therefore, it seems strange that some people and companies opposed to restrictions are also angry about violations, whether it is small retailers or large platforms such as Amazon and eBay. After all, they are doing some of the same things we originally advocated (higher nicotine content and greater capacity).

The fact is that even as we strive for better regulation, compliance is also important. That's why

Care about products

Phe and other agencies in the UK estimate that e-smoking is 95% safer than smoking and carries only 0.5% cancer risk.

But there are warnings in both ways.

On the one hand, due to advances in toxicology and the introduction of emission testing, the best equipment and electronic cigarette oil are now likely to improve this estimate. In fact, when I interviewed a scientist, Professor Riccardo polosa, he described the progress in quality and safety as extraordinary. Science (and quality control) can make e-cigarettes safer in the future.

On the other hand, in order to ensure this risk assessment, we need properly tested high-quality e-cigarette equipment and e-cigarette liquid, which are made of pharmaceutical grade nicotine and have removed potentially harmful components.

Many manufacturers and retailers are very concerned about the products they sell. We often use the products we sell and care about the long-term health of ourselves and our customers.

But people who illegally import and sell e-cigarettes in the UK are unlikely to care about the products and their customers. More importantly, electronic cigarette oil is much less likely to become the high quality that consumers deserve.

Consumer confidence

Almost since the beginning of e-cigarette, it has had to fight against false information, which is usually funded by people and industries with more money than us.

In the UK, we are fortunate (at least in recent years) that we have received wise and rational messages from charities such as the government and the UK cancer research centre.

When illegal products are sold and make headlines, it will tarnish the reputation of the whole industry, including responsible participants.

A level playing field

A strong and independent e-cigarette industry is essential for e-cigarette to give full play to its potential.

Responsible small and medium-sized companies can reach people at a more personalized level. They can provide advice and support. They will lead to competition, thereby reducing prices, providing more choices and making e-cigarettes available to more people.

Unfortunately, they are also hampered by the fact that other companies violate the rules and go unpunished.

When other companies don't, the online market can promote their e-cigarette products. When other companies need expensive age verification software, they rely on delivery companies to check age - which is not perfect for all adults and often interrupts purchases. At the same time, cowboy suppliers use these platforms to supply illegal products.

If any industry wants to flourish, participants need to believe that the rules are equally applicable.

Play long games

The British government is currently reviewing e-cigarette regulations and has put forward strong arguments for relaxing nicotine intensity, bottle size and fuel tank intensity.

Before that, however, all participants must strive to protect the reputation and viability of an industry that always seems to be under attack.

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