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The British army will ban smoking and use electronic cigarettes


01. The British army uses electronic cigarettes

From 2022, the British army will no longer allow smoking.

The British army uses electronic cigarettes

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has formulated a national defense smoke-free working environment policy to help smokers quit smoking and prevent non-smokers from developing this habit. Electronic cigarettes are still allowed in designated areas.

The policy will support the UK government's goal of reducing the UK adult smoking rate from 15.5% to 12%.

02. Legalization of electronic cigarette in Thailand

On October 5, Thailand's headline news agency, Thai Minister of digital economy and society Chai Wu talked about the legalization process of e-cigarettes in Thailand in an interview. He said that 67 countries and regions, including the United States, China and Malaysia, have recognized the legitimacy of e-cigarettes, because the harm of e-cigarettes is less than that of real cigarettes and contains relatively few harmful substances, However, Thai law has not yet certified the legality of e-cigarettes. Chaiwu said he was studying relevant laws to see which procedural stage had problems. He also said that the legalization of e-cigarettes can help reduce the physical harm to smokers, because some people really can't quit smoking. Although Thailand has done a lot of publicity work, there are still about 10 million smokers. In addition, because people are more and more fond of smoking imported cigarettes, and there is tobacco smuggling, the income of tobacco factories and farmers is declining. Chaiwu said that if we can use Thai tobacco to make e-cigarettes, it can also help solve the above-mentioned income problem and can also be used for export. He also said that the key lies in how to adjust itself according to the development of Electronic Science and technology. If it is unable to adapt to the development of science and technology and the changes of the times, there may be internal problems and losses to future development.

03. California increases taxes on e-cigarettes

On October 4, governor Gavin Newsom approved a 12.5% consumption tax on electronic cigarette products in California. The bill, written by democratic state senator Anna Caballero, aims to tax electronic cigarette products at a tax rate closer to cigarettes, and based on this theory, so as to prevent teenagers from smoking electronic cigarettes. California also imposes a wholesale tax of about 60% on e-cigarette distributors, although customers may not have experienced this burden. Therefore, he explained that consumers did not feel the actual impact in the state. However, with this 12.5% retail tax, I will certainly feel it.

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