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Another expert corrects the name of e-cigarette: Although e-cigarette is not completely harmless, it can effectively help reduce harm


Dr. Delon human is the former Secretary General of the World Medical Association (WMA), the former Secretary General and special envoy of the international food and beverage alliance of the United Nations and who, and the current president and CEO of health diplomats. At the same time, he is a top expert in the medical field and has more than 20 years of clinical experience. Now, he specializes in global health strategy, enterprise and product transformation and health communication.

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At feelm UK media day, Dr. Delon human delivered an important speech. He said that although electronic atomization products are not completely harmless, they can effectively help improve public health. Randomized controlled trials have proved that electronic atomization products are effective in helping adult smokers reduce harm. Taking the UK as an example, electronic atomization products have become the choice of treatment for adult smokers who want to improve their health.

Dr. Delon human said: "although it is impossible to accurately quantify the long-term health risks associated with electronic atomization products, according to the report released by the Royal College of physicians in London, it can be seen that such products do relatively little harm to the human body."

In addition, Dr. Delon human clarified three common misunderstandings about electronic atomization products, including public misunderstandings about nicotine, youth protection and evali.

In response to the public's misunderstanding of nicotine, he stressed, "although nicotine is not zero risk, it is not the main cause of smoking related diseases. The evidence shows that nicotine is less harmful to health. In addition, nicotine even has some positive therapeutic effects."

For youth protection, "although tobacco control agencies have repeatedly claimed that electronic atomization products will open the door for teenagers to start smoking, there is no clear evidence that it is the way for teenagers to start smoking. We do not recommend non-smokers to use electronic atomization products," Dr. Delon human said.

At the same time, Dr. Delon human also explained the "electronic cigarette product use related lung injury" (evali) and its wrong connection with regular electronic cigarettes. Evali is not a disease caused by formal electronic atomization products, but comes from informal channels. Electronic atomization products related to most evali cases contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). These electronic cigarette liquids often come from informal channels.

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