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The U.S. Postal Service prohibits mailing e-cigarette products


According to foreign reports, lone star overnight (LSO), a US regional parcel delivery company ™)  E-cigarette sellers who used the U.S. Postal Service before the ban on October 21 are welcome to use the company's services.

The United States recently passed a ban effectively ending the delivery of electronic cigarette products to consumers through U.S. mail. The new U.S. Postal Service rule does not include residential delivery of nicotine or marijuana electronic cigarette products (except in Alaska and Hawaii).

Major shippers and other regional parcel delivery carriers also refuse to deliver e-cigarette products, which means that consumers and enterprises have little choice. LSO is an important parcel delivery supplier in the e-commerce industry. Compared with American parcel delivery companies, it provides better service, lower rates and greater flexibility.

LSO service area covers about 13% of the population and E-Commerce orders in the United States.

The company believes that there is no difference between e-cigarette product orders to families and E-Commerce orders. E-Commerce orders include clothing, health and beauty, food, wine, household products and thousands of other products from a wide range of businesses.

LSO's working premise is that electronic cigarette products are legal and in strong demand, while express companies exist only to meet the needs of consumers.

Richard Metzler, CEO of LSO Said: I find it puzzling why other operators choose not to support the e-cigarette market. Every day, LSO and many other carriers deliver goods to wine sellers. Package carrier requirements related to adult wine signatures are like e-cigarette products. That's why these companies deal with e-cigarettes so differently, which makes me feel very headache They also sell legal products for them. Who knows? Maybe they will ban the delivery of wine next.

Starting from the federal legislation on the mailing of nicotine e-cigarette equipment in 2020, the post office has explained the law by letter, which means that marijuana and cannabis e-cigarette belong to the prohibited category. The law stipulates the restrictions on electronic nicotine delivery system or ends, which is defined as any of nicotine, spices or any other substances inhaled to users through atomized solution Any electronic equipment.

Enterprises can apply for permission to mail to other enterprises, but not directly to consumers. The timetable for approving these B2B applications is not clear. Individuals can mail a limited number of small packaged e-cigarettes to other individuals, but cannot conduct commercial transactions.

LSO knows that the e-cigarette public relies on delivery service and intends to continue to serve the community. The company has a perfect system and process to collect adult signatures during delivery, which is the main requirement for sellers when choosing a private delivery company.

LSO is also the only package delivery company that provides e-cigarette products everywhere in its service area.

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