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Five common problems about resistance value in the use of electronic cigarette


Although the use of electronic cigarette seems simple, there are still some small problems in the process of using it. Take the resistance value as an example. Although it is only a simple ohmic symbol and a simple physical value, being able to master some knowledge and skills about the resistance will make us more comfortable when using electronic cigarettes.

1. Can the resistance value be adjusted? Does it need to be adjusted?

Theoretically, the resistance value of the electronic smoke comes from the resistance value of the heating wire that makes up the atomizing core. The value cannot be adjusted on the main engine, but can only be adjusted by the data of the coil when using the DIY atomizer. The slight change of resistance value is a normal phenomenon in the use of heating wire, which is not an adjustable value.

2. What is the relationship between the resistance value and the taste? Will the low resistance taste be bad?

With the change of atomizer structure and the appearance of fancy coil, low resistance coil is no longer the synonym of only smoke and no taste. At present, RDA is used with fancy coil. Under the condition of low resistance, both smoke and taste are very good. There is no regular relationship between the resistance and the taste.

3. Can we calculate the best power according to the resistance value?

Whether it's finished product or DIY atomizer, the best taste power varies from person to person. Even if it's the same atomizer, different people will choose different power. There is no formula to calculate the so-called best taste power. When using the finished atomizer, it can be adjusted according to the recommended power on the atomizing core.

4. Do you need to select the main engine according to the data of common atomizing core or coil?

At present, the single 18650 battery host can achieve 80W power, which can promote the use of ordinary single wire coil even at about 0.1 ohm. However, when using double hair fancy coil, the single battery host is faster than the double 18650 series host. It is necessary to select the main equipment according to the common coil data.

5. What should be paid attention to when using low resistance coil or fancy coil?

When using this kind of coil, it needs to use a atomizer with a large amount of air intake to avoid the problem of hot atomizer or even paste core. In addition, many coils made of Ni80 heating wire can obtain good taste performance without output voltage of more than 4V, so in terms of output power adjustment, do not adjust according to the use habits of A1 heating wire.

Finally, we attach the conversion table of wire gauge and diameter of common heating wire. Generally, 22 and 24g heating wire are suitable for the mainstream oil dripper. When making the coil, there is no need for "obsession". The resistance value after making the coil has nothing to do with the taste and smoke. What can change the taste and smoke performance is the adjustment of coil area and output power as well as the air intake Cooperation.

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