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How to maintain the electronic cigarette to prolong its service life?


E-cigarettes have always been the main focus of overseas markets. However, with more and more e-cigarette brands competing for the domestic market, e-cigarettes are gradually understood and recognized by domestic smokers. However, even so, many smokers still don't know how to maintain electronic cigarette products and extend their service life.

In fact, it is not difficult to extend the life of electronic cigarette products. The key is to learn how to maintain electronic cigarette products. When it comes to the maintenance of electronic cigarettes, Xiaobian has two suggestions, one is to maintain the battery part, the other is to maintain the atomization core.

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How to maintain the electronic cigarette battery?

Generally, the electronic cigarettes on the market are all lithium batteries. Long term charging of lithium batteries is taboo. Long term charging of the electronic cigarette battery rod will cause damage to the lithium battery, which will cause the battery unable to charge normally, or can only be charged with virtual electricity, affecting the use of electronic cigarettes.

In addition, the lithium battery is also taboo to use while charging; the electronic smoke is heated by the heating core, which produces a high temperature; the high temperature of the battery will accelerate the battery loss and reduce the service life of the electronic smoke.

How to maintain the atomizing core?

In order to ensure the best atomization effect of electronic smoke, dry burning should be avoided as far as possible. Therefore, in the process of using electronic smoke, it is necessary to try to keep the smoke liquid in the smoke bomb no less than 1 / 3. so that the atomizing core can be completely wrapped in the smoke oil. In this way, in the process of using electronic cigarettes, we can ensure that the electronic cigarettes do not dry burn, but also guarantee the best atomization taste.

To sum up, if the electronic cigarette smokers can increase the maintenance of electronic cigarette in these two aspects, the service life of electronic cigarette can be extended to a large extent!

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