WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What is disposable electronic cigarette?


Disposable Vape

Disposable electronic cigarette refers to the electronic cigarette that does not need to be charged, does not need to be replaced, and is discarded once in use.

Advantages of primary electronic

1. More convenient to carry: the disposable electronic cigarette does not need to be charged, and does not need to replace the cigarette cartridge. Smokers only need to carry the electronic cigarette to go out, and do not need to carry heavy charger and other accessories.

2. More stable performance: because of the complete closed design, the disposable electronic cigarette reduces the operation links such as charging, replacing smoke bombs, and also reduces the occurrence of faults. The circuit faults, liquid leakage and other problems that can not be solved by the rechargeable electronic cigarette have been completely solved here.

3. More liquid: the liquid capacity of disposable electronic cigarette can be more than 5-8 times that of rechargeable electronic cigarette, and the service life of disposable electronic cigarette is longer.

4. Stronger battery: for general rechargeable electronic smoke, each smoke bomb needs to be charged at least once. The battery efficiency is extremely low, which is equivalent to charging every 5-8 cigarettes. And if the rechargeable electronic cigarette is not used, it can not be used for 2 months or so. Different from this, the disposable e-cigarette battery is strong and can support more than 40 ordinary cigarettes. Moreover, if the disposable e-cigarette is idle, the use of the e-cigarette battery will not be affected within one year, and the battery will not be affected by more than 10% within two years.

Tips for using an electronic cigarette:

1. When using, pay attention not to smoke too hard. If you use too hard, you will not smoke. Because when you smoke too hard, the liquid is directly sucked into your mouth, without atomization by the atomizer. So light smoke is more smoke.

2. When smoking, please keep breathing for a long time, because a long time can make the liquid in the smoke bomb be fully atomized by the atomizer, so as to produce more smoke.

3. Pay attention to the angle of use. Keep the cigarette holder upward and the cigarette rod downward. If the cigarette holder is downward and the cigarette rod is upward when smoking, the liquid will naturally flow downward into your mouth due to the gravity.

4. When the smoke liquid is sucked into the mouth, please take down the smoke bullet and disassemble it.

5. Wipe the excess liquid from the nozzle and the atomizer before use.

6. To maintain sufficient battery power, insufficient battery power will also cause the smoke liquid not to be fully atomized and sucked into the mouth.

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