WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What is Electronic cigarette pod?


Food Grade Vape Pod

Vape pod is a kind of simple atomizer, which is disposable consumable.

It is a fully sealed or semi sealed small atomizer. Most of the smoke bombs are integrated with the heating wire, cotton and the oil sealed in the oil bin. According to the different power supply parts, the shape is mostly the shape of cigarette butts, and there are also irregular smoke bombs.

There is also a special kind of smoke bomb, which is made of cigarette material, and there is no hair wire inside (the hair wire is integrated on the main machine), and the smoke bomb smoke oil is sucked on the cotton like material.

Advantages of vape pod:

No oil leakage, small size, easy to use, and changeable shapes (cigarette shape, flat box shape, strip shape, etc.).

However, as the smoke bomb is a disposable consumable, if users want to choose different flavors of smoke and oil, they need to change different flavors of smoke and oil. The consumption cost is slightly high, and the taste is also limited to the smoke bomb manufacturers. Facing the hundreds of flavors of smoke and oil on the market, the taste selection of smoke and oil is limited

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