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What's the difference between Heat Not Burn electronic cigarette products and electronic cigarettes?


In recent two years, there has been a "fierce wind of electronic cigarettes" in China, led by iqos. In fact, the real name is heating unburned tobacco, which belongs to a new category of tobacco. According to the introduction, the new type of tobacco products refers to the other categories of tobacco products that contain tobacco or can produce smoke and taste, can bring people the pleasure of suction, and meet the physiological needs, but do not belong to such as cigarettes, self cigarettes, pipe cigarettes, hookah, cigars, small cigars, chewing tobacco, snuff and oral tobacco products. It is generally believed that there are mainly electronic cigarettes and low-temperature cigarettes (i.e. heated non combustible tobacco products).

Heat Not Burn Electronic Cigarette

Some consumers will call iqos products e-cigarettes. In fact, there is a deviation. Although the heating of unburned tobacco depends on batteries, the heating is still tobacco, so it cannot be regarded as e-cigarettes in a strict sense. Although the liquid electronic cigarette does not contain tobacco, the nicotine containing oil still has to be divided into tobacco range. Therefore, heating unburned tobacco and electronic cigarette are juxtaposed new type of tobacco.

Where does heating non burning tobacco come from?

The continuous innovation of technology in the tobacco industry and people's increasingly strong demand for health have prompted major global tobacco giants to explore new types of tobacco products. Since 1988. these tobacco giants have launched premier from various forms of heating and non combustion, such as carbon heating and electric heating, Eclipse and other brands, but due to the complexity of traditional tobacco ingredients, the reduction degree of taste has been unable to satisfy consumers. Until 2015. Fimo, an international tobacco giant, produced the first generation of iqos.

What's the difference between heating unburned tobacco products and electronic cigarettes

There is no doubt that iqos has triggered a revolution in heating non combustible tobacco, and this wave has also triggered the Chinese market. As we all know, products such as iqos are not allowed to be sold in China, what is the attitude of the Chinese tobacco industry towards heating non combustible tobacco? What are the future trends? China Tobacco recently participated in the development of national standards for electronic cigarettes. Where will electronic cigarettes go in the future? In response to these problems, steam phase interviewed a practitioner of China tobacco.

Electronic cigarette in the eyes of traditional tobacco industry

Q: how long have you been concerned about the electronic cigarette market?

A:e-cigarettes have existed for a long time in China. Until two or three years ago, the international tobacco giant Fermo company began to transform and develop new types of tobacco. The traditional domestic tobacco has paid more attention to e-cigarettes.

Q: how do traditional tobacco enterprises view domestic e-cigarettes?

A: e-cigarette is still a new product, its classification has not been determined, whether it will be classified as tobacco in the future remains to be further confirmed; there are also some problems in the production standards and market supervision of e-cigarette industry.

Q: China Tobacco recently participated in the development of a series of national standards for electronic cigarettes, such as cigarette oil, appliances, packaging, etc. What do you think will change the market of electronic cigarettes in China?

A: traditional tobacco enterprises participate in the formulation of national standards for e-cigarettes, which has improved the situation of inconsistent product standards and lack of management in the domestic e-cigarettes market. This also means that the state or administrative departments will further control e-cigarettes.

What's the difference between heating unburned tobacco products and electronic cigarettes

Q: will nicotine containing liquid smoke be controlled by the state in the future?

A: the heated non combustible tobacco containing tobacco must be controlled by the state tobacco administration. No specific regulations have been issued for the liquid containing nicotine.

Q: How does traditional tobacco industry treat heating non burning tobacco?

A: foreign brands of heating unburned tobacco in the market preconceived, what do you think of this matter? What will China tobacco do?

Tobacco practitioners: new tobacco is the general trend, so China's tobacco industry should control new tobacco products. Now there are traditional tobacco manufacturers in the development of heating non combustion products.

Q: will there be some market mechanism operation for the new tobacco of China Tobacco in the future? Will it enter the supermarket and sell online?

A: the retail sales of new tobacco products still need to comply with relevant laws and regulations. The National Tobacco Company wholesales them to tobacco stores, and they can also enter the supermarket, but it is difficult to sell them online at present.

What's the difference between heating unburned tobacco products and electronic cigarettes

Q: is it possible for domestic heating unburned tobacco to coexist with imported tobacco in the future?

A: it's possible. However, in terms of the interests of the domestic tobacco industry, priority should be given to the development of new domestic tobacco and strict control of imports.

Q: the processing and manufacturing technology and factory facilities of China's electronic cigarette are very perfect. Is it possible for China tobacco to cooperate with some manufacturers in the future?

A: it's possible.

According to the trend that the national traditional tobacco enterprises begin to research and develop the new type of tobacco, and the national standard of electronic tobacco is gradually implemented, the domestic new type of tobacco field will develop rapidly in the future and penetrate into people's life. This is not only the innovation of traditional tobacco industry, but also the response of people's health demands. The new trend of domestic tobacco is coming.

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