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Are CBD products really useful for pets? Look at the survey data


Recently, American Marijuana released a survey of 1061 pet owners. Data show that 35% of veterinarians recommend CBD products to their pets, and 90% of pet owners are willing to recommend CBD to others.

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CBD Disposable Vape Pen

Would you recommend CBD pet products to others? Although covid-19 has affected the financial situation of pet owners, 36% of pet owners still said that they would buy CBD products for their pets after the outbreak, and 90% of pet owners were willing to recommend CBD products to others.

According to a report of new frontier data in 2019, the CBD pet products market is the fastest growing category in the CBD industry. In 2017, the total sales of CBD pet products in the United States reached 13 million US dollars. It is estimated that by 2022, it will reach 125 million US dollars, with a five-year compound growth rate of 57%.

According to a report released by brightfield group in January this year, pet owners are tired of drugs, which makes them more inclined to choose CBD as a "natural therapy". Pet owners generally find the health value of CBD for their pets.

65.7% of pet owners found that CBD could relieve pet's anxiety; 49.1% pet owners found CBD could improve pet's initiative; 47.3% pet owners found CBD could improve pet's sleep; 36.1% pet owners found CBD could reduce pet's barking and whining.

"Manny is a 35 year old employee who owns a pet dog, MAXIE, who is left at home alone while he is at work. At the end of last year, Manny heard that CBD can improve pet anxiety. So he bought a bottle of CBD tincture from the local pet store and put 5mg of it in MAXIE's food every day. Three months later, he found that when he came back from work, MAXIE was not as anxious and calm as he had looked before, and the neighbors complained about MAXIE's wailing again. " (selected from the real case of pet parent profiles)

Nick has a pet dog, Nathan, for four years. After marriage, his wife brought a pet cat. Pet cats and dogs often attack and bark at each other. The veterinarian recommended CBD to Nick and explained some of the studies. Nick bought some CBD pet food from the Internet and fed it to his pet cat and dog. A month later, Nick found that both pets were significantly less aggressive to each other. (selected from the real case of pet parent profiles)

At present, CBD pet products sold in the European and American markets are divided into three series: pet food, pet bathing products, pet medicine and health care products. The products range from cat food, dog food, shower gel, gel, CBD oil, CBD capsule, etc.

In May this year, Petsmart, the largest pet chain in the United States, launched six CBD pet products of Mary's tails brand. It includes bacon tincture containing 300mg CBD (for soothing mood and improving health); ointment containing 50mg CBD (for improving health); ointment containing 75mg CBD (for improving paw and nose).

As the largest comprehensive pet products and service chain in the world, Petsmart operates more than 1500 retail and offline service stores in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Petsmart is included in CBD pet products, which indicates that CBD pet products have entered the mainstream consumption channel.

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