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Arizona's marijuana related laws and regulations


The Arizona marijuana project began in May 2018, when Senate bill 108 was signed into law and the marijuana processing license was opened in the summer of 2019. It took the state government a year to develop regulations and licensing plans. Currently, Arizona is open to license applications.

Permitted condition - license

According to Arizona law, growers, seedling centers, processors, harvesters and transporters must obtain an Arizona Department of agriculture (azda) license, and the Arizona Department of agriculture (azda) hereby issues the application. The regulations also require researchers to be licensed.

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It is worth noting that the Arizona Department of agriculture (azda) does not regulate retailers. Like any other state that controls marijuana, there are fee rules, legal rules and penalties for violations.

Arizona allows people with an Arizona Department of agriculture (azda) license to do business, but it does not appear to be taking the same position as other states to authorize commercial sales under the agriculture act of 2014. This means that, according to federal law, until the full implementation of the agricultural act of 2018, the laws of each state are vague.

Sale of cannabis products

At present, there is no type of retail license, and the marijuana Ordinance stipulates that it is prohibited to "sell, trade, transfer, own, give or otherwise give up possession of industrial cannabis plants or hemp seeds that can germinate to an unauthorized person".

However, another part of the regulation provides that processors may: sell, distribute, transfer or give away any unauthorized product processed from harvested marijuana.

To sum up, these chapters appear to prohibit the resale of only plant parts, not all "cannabis products", which are defined as "all products made from industrial cannabis, including cloth, rope, fiber, fuel, grain, paint, paper, building materials, plastics and by-products made from sterile hemp seeds or hemp seed oil.

There are not too many restrictions on personal use

The Arizona Department of agriculture (azda) points out that people are not allowed to grow marijuana for personal use. But when it comes to the needs of patients, Arizona has a medical marijuana program that can help patients legally obtain medical marijuana drugs.

Answers to frequently asked questions

As far as hemp products are concerned, the Arizona Department of agriculture (azda) does not regulate the production of marijuana products. The following are the most frequently asked questions and answers on its website:

Q: Can I use industrial hemp to make CBD products?

A: Yes, but the supervision scope of the project is limited to the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp. For licensed processors, the program will focus on ensuring that their raw materials are below 0.3% THC. If there are laws on food processing, laws and regulations regulated by the food and drug administration, or laws and regulations related to industrial hemp of other organizations, then these issues are not within the scope of supervision of the Department.

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In other words, the Arizona Department of agriculture (azda) has no oversight of certain products, but that's not to say that other departments don't.

According to the 2018 agriculture act, states cannot block transportation through their borders, and currently Arizona will not prevent out of state marijuana from entering Arizona.

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Arizona's marijuana law is still in its infancy. All this is likely to change as the federal government implements the agriculture act of 2018 and possible CBD regulations from the FDA.

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