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California to become the fifth state to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes


According to foreign reports, California State Congress passed the sb 793 bill today, which will prohibit the sale of flavoring electronic cigarette products in physical stores. If it becomes law, it will also ban the sale of flavored smokeless tobacco, cigars and menthol cigarettes.

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The bill will now be consistent with the version of the State Senate that has already been passed, and then handed over to governor Gavin Newsom to sign into law. Newsom has indicated that he will sign the bill.

Amendments to the final compilation of the bill include exemption from the ban on hookah products, pipe tobacco and premium cigars.

The independent e-cigarette industry once led to hundreds of e-cigarette customers and e-cigarette shop owners to oppose California's legislation, and almost no opposition was raised at all, although thousands of e-cigarette customers responded to the call for action and conveyed the message to the anti-e-cigarette legislators.

Even Juul labs and major tobacco companies have not been able to successfully lobby for exemptions to exclude products that will be approved by the PMTA in the future.

Although the bill only bans sales by physical retailers, California passed a law last year that makes online shopping more difficult. The law imposes restrictions on online and mail order sales of all e-cigarettes, including adult signature requirements on delivery.

With 40 million residents, California is the most populous state in the United States.

Assuming sb 793 becomes law, California will become the fifth state to ban face-to-face sales of flavored e-cigarettes (other states also ban online sales).

The states with existing bans are:


New Jersey

Aquidneck Island

New York

Florida governor Ron DeSantis (Ron DeSantis) will soon decide whether to sign or veto the State Council's ban on fragrance. State electronic cigarette companies are leading a campaign to persuade DeSantis to veto the ban on fragrance.

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