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Canada introduces new regulations to restrict e-cigarette product advertising


On July 8, the federal government of Canada announced new regulations to prohibit the advertising of electronic cigarette products in public places or accessible cyberspace accessible to teenagers under the age of 18.

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According to the regulations on promotion of e-cigarette products promulgated by the Federal Ministry of health of Canada, no matter the physical stores, the Internet or other media channels, shall publish e-cigarette product advertisements in any form that can be seen or heard by teenagers. Electronic cigarette products are not allowed to be displayed in outlets accessible to teenagers.

At the same time, all electronic cigarette product advertisements approved to be published and displayed must be accompanied with warning information about the harm of electronic cigarette products to health.

Those who publish advertisements in violation of the regulations are liable to a fine of up to $500000 or imprisonment for up to two years. Those who display electronic cigarette products at the point of sale in violation of the regulations are liable to a maximum fine of CAD 25000. Those who do not display health warnings in advertisements are liable to a fine of up to $50000 or imprisonment for up to six months.

Canada's Ministry of Health said that Canada's original tobacco and electronic tobacco products act has regulated the promotion of related products. However, there are more and more e-cigarette product advertisements on various media platforms, outdoor signs and sales points, so it is necessary to improve laws and regulations.

The Canadian Ministry of health also said it was considering more regulatory measures to limit the content and taste of nicotine in e-cigarette products, and would require relevant industries to disclose more information on the ingredients, research and development and sales of the products.

The new regulations will come into effect on August 7. But the ban on point of sale displays will take effect on September 6. The authorities said the public was encouraged to report violations.

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