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CBD heat does not decrease, playboy, Nestle have entered the game


Since 2019, CBD (cannabinol) has become a new star in the raw material industry in Europe and America. This extract from industrial hemp has good benefits in anti epilepsy, anti anxiety, sleep aid, pain relief and many other aspects.

CBD Disposable Vape Pen

CBD Disposable Vape Pen

In the first half of this year, CBD swept across many fields in Europe and the United States, such as food, beverage, electronic cigarette, medicine and so on. In this year's inc.5000 list, many enterprises broke into the top 50 with CBD. Now the year 2020 is coming to an end, and the popularity of CBD is still on the rise.

CBD heat does not decrease, playboy, Nestle have entered the game

Affected by the covid-19 epidemic, Playboy's sales of Playboy products dropped sharply, and its financial situation began to be tense. In May, Playboy had to close its representative magazine. During the popularity of covid-19 in the United States, people began to use CBD products to ease anxiety, leading to the popularity of CBD products.

Playboy saw the opportunity and finally launched three CBD series products in September, officially entering the CBD field.

Dandy Playboy's first CBD products include: "CBD Intimacy Gel (CBD intimate gel)", "CBD Arousal Spray (wake up spray)", "CBD Bath (bath bomb)". The main feature of the three products is the CBD component, of which the gel sells for 47 dollars, the spray price is 45 dollars, and the bath bomb sells for 15 dollars.

Playboy points out that a study published in the journal Archives of sexual behavior in 2016 found that 95% of men often or always experience orgasm in their sexual life, but only 65% of women said they enjoyed it.

Playboy's CBD product is designed to improve the "sexual experience". Playboy will also launch a new website to sell Playboy's CBD sexual health products and provide sex education resources.

Under the influence of the epidemic, in addition to Playboy, Nestle Nestle also began to sell CBD products.

Nestle Health Science and U.S. - based geocann began selling broad-spectrum marijuana extract capsules using the patented vesisorb? Drug delivery system in Europe in September, following the launch of CBD products in the United States.

The product is called "pure encapsulations" with a CBD to BCP ratio of 2:1 and a veslsorb delivery system.

Vesisorb is a kind of colloidal droplet delivery system. A double-blind cross-over study published in molecular showed that the pharmacokinetic parameters of broad-spectrum hemp extract prepared with vesisorb were significantly improved.

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