WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Development of disposable electronic cigarette


The design of the first generation of electronic smoke is completely imitating the shape of ordinary real smoke. The smoke bomb is yellow and the smoke body is white. This generation of electronic cigarettes has been popular for several years, because its appearance is similar to real cigarettes, and it is accepted by customers in the first sense. However, with the increasing use of the first generation of e-cigarettes, especially for foreign customers, many disadvantages of the first generation of e-cigarettes are found in the process of use, mainly in the atomizer. The atomizer of the first generation of electronic smoke is easy to burn off. In addition, when replacing the smoke cartridge, it is easy to damage the tip of the atomizer. Over time, the atomizer will be completely worn out, resulting in no smoke.

disposable vape bar

The second generation of electronic smoke is slightly longer than the first generation of electronic smoke, with a diameter of 9.25 mm. The main feature is that the atomizer has been improved, with a protective cover outside the atomizer, the smoke bomb is inserted into the atomizer, while the first generation of electronic smoke is the atomizer inserted into the smoke bomb, which is the opposite of the two. The most remarkable feature of the second generation electronic smoke is the combination of smoke bomb and atomizer.

The third generation of electronic cigarette uses disposable atomizer cartridge, which is equivalent to that the atomizer is also disposable. It solves the previous problems, greatly improves the quality, and changes the appearance and raw materials.

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