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Difficulties for novice to use electronic cigarette


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1. The host has USB interface, can it be charged with data line?

The host with built-in battery can only use wire charging. We will not discuss it here. Can we use cable charging for the host with replaceable battery? Some indicate that USB cable can only be used for upgrading the system, some indicate that USB cable can be used for charging, some even equipped with fast charging charger, which can be used for fast charging.

When it is possible to use a professional battery charger, the charger should be used to charge whether or not the host chip has a charging module and protection measures, which can protect both the chip and the battery.

2.Atomizer low/not found

This is not so much a host problem as a combination of the host and the atomizer. If one of them fails, it may cause the host to prompt atomizer low / not found. So what is the problem and how to solve it?

There are more problems with the 510 interface. Although the interface between the atomizer and the equipment is matched, and the thread is also close to each other, the length of the positive screw of the atomizer, the height of the elastic positive pole of the equipment, and the degree of their fit may cause this phenomenon.

The solution is very simple. First, we tighten the positive screw of the atomizer, then clean the interface to prevent the interference of foreign matters such as iron filings, and then screw on the atomizer without over tightening. Is it OK?

3. How much power should I use to push my atomizer?

A lot of novices are getting their first device, and then, Meng, how much power should they use to push it? Many old birds will tell you that 17 / resistance is the power you should use. Is that right? If we make a resistance of 0.66 or 1.21, we need a calculator?

In fact, this is not necessary at all. What is the name of our equipment. As we can see from the name, we control the power output by adjusting the voltage. Many single voltage regulating function equipment, even without the function of regulating power, uses voltage alone to control. We use the box to adjust the voltage from 3.5v-4.5v to find the taste, which is convenient and fast, without calculation, is it much simpler?

4. There is no way to turn on the host. Where is it broken?

There are three reasons why the host can't be turned on: battery, device circuit and device chip. The reason for the battery is simple. Replace the other fully charged battery. How to judge the chip and circuit? It's also very simple. Take off the battery and use the USB interface to power on the host. Under the normal condition of the chip, you can also turn on the host without the battery. Is this a trick, can you build it together? If we eliminate the chip fault, we should check whether the positive and negative poles of the host can be closely connected with the positive and negative poles of the battery, and whether the circuit of the battery compartment is virtual Welding.


There are many kinds of atomizers: finished products, RBA, RTA, RDA. There are various ways of oil transmission. Let's talk about how to solve the typical problems.

1. Oil leakage

Oil leakage refers to the leakage of oil from the oil inlet or the bottom of the oil bin.

The problem that the oil leakage from the negative pressure oil guide inlet hole of RBA is mostly cotton, the amount of cotton is too small to block the oil guide tank, the flow rate of the oil can not be controlled, and the pressure in the oil bin is unbalanced, resulting in the leakage of the oil from the air inlet. This situation of oil leakage, increase the amount of cotton blocking the oil channel will be cured and improved. In addition, the damage and displacement of the sealing rubber ring will also lead to the imbalance of the storage pressure and oil leakage. Replace the rubber ring.

A qualified product core oil leakage is often closely related to our use habits. When we moisten the core, we moisten the atomizer core with too much smoke oil. The cotton is saturated, and the excess smoke oil enters the airway and accumulates at the bottom, resulting in oil leakage. The oil in the atomizer hasn't been used up for a long time. The oil will also leak into the air inlet through cotton, which is also a major cause of oil leakage in the atomizer. In addition, when the atomizing core is used for a long time, there is too much carbon deposit or the cotton has been pasted, which leads to the poor oil locking ability of the cotton, and there is no way to balance the oil transmission state, oil leakage will inevitably occur.

2. Jump resistance

This kind of situation is not new to the budding babies. Just finished the core, press the ignition switch, and it hasn't been drawn yet. The resistance will come and go for several times. Isn't it a short circuit? In order to solve this problem, first of all, we must understand what is jump resistance.

At the beginning of contact, this situation also happened: the acridine resistance increased by 0.02, 0.05, and jumped back! In fact, these are normal. The batteries, equipment, heating wire and atomizer we use all have resistance values, which affect the resistance values we see. Even the carbon deposit on the heating wire caused by soot residue will also increase the resistance values of the heating wire.

What kind of situation is the real jump resistance?

When the range of resistance change exceeds 0.2, we should pay attention to that the normal range of resistance change generally does not exceed 0.2. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the heating wire has been tightened, whether the wire foot has been cleaned and touched the warehouse wall, and whether the screw on the base of the atomizer has not been tightened, causing the loosening of the positive platform. All of these will cause the jump resistance of the atomizer.

3. Locked

Locking is a very common problem for the atomizer. It was good one minute ago, and then it couldn't be opened!!! Then all kinds of wonderful countermeasures appeared,

In fact, the solution is very simple, increase the friction. The tools used are available in every house. Rubber gloves, with a slight twist, are they open?

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