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Disposable vape pen how it works?


Disposable vape pen is a kind of cigarette that imitates cigarette, but it uses electricity. Generally, it looks like cigarette, which can achieve a great effect of cigarette. So some friends are curious. What is the principle of disposable electronic cigarette? I'm also curious to see this question, so let's learn about it.

1500 Puffs Disposable vape pen

1500 Puffs Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Disposable vape pen how it works?

Disposable electronic smoke is controlled by high-tech intelligent chip and air switch. Inside the electric smoke, the smoke is transported to the atomizing chamber by foam nickel and connected through the smoke air switch. The smart chip is driven by the current of the lithium battery to control the operation of the atomizing chamber. The heating wire in the atomizing chamber produces high temperature and atomizes the liquid smoke. So as to form the steam fog that simulates the smoke. This way just makes the smoke simulate the temperature of the ordinary smoke (50-60 ℃), which makes the electric steam smoke smoke just like the ordinary smoke, so that the user of the product can satisfy the pleasure of the smoker and the psychological habit that has been cultivated for many years while refreshing. What is the principle of the one-time electronic smoke that really achieves the people-oriented smoking. At the same time, the smoke of electric smoke simulation does not contain nitrogen dioxide, allylaldehyde, carbon monoxide, lead, oxyhydrogen acid, arsenic, tribute and other harmful substances. It is not only completely harmless to myself, but also completely eliminate the harm of "second-hand smoke" to the surrounding population, and thus truly realize the real safe and environmental protection smoking process.

Working principle of disposable vape pen

The working principle of electronic smoke is relatively simple, mainly in three parts, one is the part that produces smoke, the other is the power system. The main contents are as follows: electronic smoke oil is the core of electronic smoke, and 95% of the harm of electronic smoke comes from electronic smoke oil. At present, there are two kinds of production technology, biological extraction technology and synthesis technology. Bioextraction technology is a kind of bioextraction technology which can simulate the normal smoking effect by extracting the effective components of tobacco from tobacco leaves. Bio refining technology has very high requirements for production equipment, production process control, and quality inspection technology. At present, Kangcheng Yipin, one of the electronic cigarette manufacturers, adopts this technology. The smoke oil produced by this method does not contain carcinogenic substances such as cigarette tar and carbon monoxide in the real cigarette, which has little harm to human body. Synthesis technology, a chemical technology that can simulate the feeling of tobacco through different chemical substances to produce different chemical reactions. Different manufacturers produce different quality electronic cigarette oil because of different technology and quality control methods. The quality of electronic cigarette oil is different from that of others. The harm of inferior cigarette oil to human body is very great, so we should be careful when choosing cigarette oil.

Lithium battery manufacturing and R & D is the core competitiveness of lithium battery, not only reflected in the raw materials, but also including the temperature and humidity control in the production process, and the clean control of anode and cathode, which have very high requirements. Although poor quality lithium battery has low cost, it has a huge hidden danger in quality and safety. The electronic cigarette chip is the brain of the electronic cigarette. The design of a good chip control system will bring a very high quality customer experience. The poor chip without safety assurance and quality control will not only bring damage to customer experience, but also personal safety and health.

The principle of disposable vape pen has been introduced to you, but we need to remind you that the disposable electronic cigarette can not be charged and replaced with cigarette oil, that is to say, when the electricity or cigarette oil is used up, it can not be used up, and it needs to be purchased again.

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