WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Do you know the history of e-cigarette development?


In the 1960s, the design concept of electronic cigarette had existed, but it was not until recent years that electronic cigarette began to be widely used, especially in western countries such as Europe and America. Nowadays, many smokers successfully quit the harmful cigarettes through e-cigarettes, but few people know who invented e-cigarettes and the historical facts behind this product.

In fact, the earliest electronic cigarette dates back to 1963. Herbert A. Gilbert developed a smoke-free, non cigarette device that works by heating a nicotine solution and producing a vapor gas.

In 1965. his R & D patent was officially approved. In the same year, Gilbert's idea of smokeless non cigarette invention was first mentioned in the most popular mechanical magazine.

In 1967. Gilbert negotiated with companies interested in the device and started to quantify production. Unfortunately, it has not been put on the market. Since then, the smoke-free non cigarette equipment began to fade from public opinion until it disappeared.

Time came to 2001. when Stephen vlacho designed the world's first prototype of electronic smoke functional samples, which heated the biological mixed liquid containing nicotine through electronic thermal resistance to generate steam.

In 2002. the first version of the electronic cigarette officially appeared at the Geneva International Invention Exhibition, which aroused the strong interest of smokers. However, Vlach did not apply for a patent for the invention of the product.

Until 2004. his similar electronic cigarette products appeared in China, completely changed his mind. He began to produce the first batch of electronic cigarettes and claimed that his patent had been stolen. There is no way to verify his credibility.

Electronic cigarette products are the most innovative scientific and technological products in the 21st century. They have introduced the concept of environmental protection and health, and have broken through the monopoly position of traditional cigarettes, with epoch-making historical significance.

From the historical development story of e-cigarette, we can understand that any new thing will encounter all kinds of obstacles and problems, but we can be sure that the new thing will replace the old one. The development road of electronic cigarette industry is rough and bright.

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