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Drug administration of Australia: nicotine e-cigarettes can only be sold through prescription


According to vapingpost, the Australian drug administration's TGA has made an interim decision to allow nicotine in e-cigarettes to be provided only on prescription, vapingpost reported.

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After repeated calls from public health experts, the Australian authorities agreed last month to set up a special committee on tobacco hazard reduction to explore "tobacco reduction strategies", including e-cigarettes.

The Commission will analyse the strategies that have been successfully adopted in other countries, such as the UK and New Zealand, and their impact on tobacco and nicotine use behaviour. Finally, the Commission's goal is to identify ways to reduce e-smoking and smoking among young people in Australia and will submit a final report with the findings by December 1, 2020.

Anthony tasson, President of Victoria branch of the Australian Pharmacists Association, supported the decision.

"The association supports the interim decision to reschedule nicotine and the decision to include nicotine in Schedule 4 drugs. Ideally, these products should be registered with the Australian Therapeutic Products registry. The association supports the interim decision that nicotine liquid products are properly scheduled and controlled for therapeutic purposes to support smoking cessation. "

Tarsone added on the registration issues related to the quality and safety of the products

Of course, it's no surprise that guilds and other healthcare providers will support these measures, because it means they will benefit financially. On the other hand, these measures make it more difficult for smokers who want to quit smoking to obtain these products, thus reducing their chances of success.

Last month, the National Retail Association of Australia (NRA) denounced a government proposal to the Therapeutic Goods Administration, which considered allowing only smokeless nicotine products to be sold in pharmacies.

Dominique lamb, NRA's chief executive, said it would create monopolies and hurt small convenience retailers, who rely heavily on tobacco sales.

"The National Drug Administration (NRA) knows that the federal government has asked the treatment products administration to consider whether smokeless nicotine products should be sold in pharmacies through prescription drugs or authorized by pharmacists," lamb said. It doesn't make sense. Cigarettes are available free of charge at the counters of specialty stores and service stations, but products that can help people get rid of smoking restrictions. Therefore, the only option available outside the working hours of a doctor or pharmacist is cigarettes. "

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