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E-cigarette travel guide in 2020,E-smoker tourism must see


With the improvement of novel coronavirus pneumonia in China, although the epidemic situation is still grim in many countries, the relaxed environment in China may bring many people down to the psychological burden, and at the same time, the pressure to stay home for months is also needed to ease, and travel is also on the agenda.


However, because atomization is a new concept, many countries and regions have made different rules and regulations for e-cigarettes and their general use. It has not been generally accepted in some countries, so it is necessary to understand the use of electronic cigarette law in the world to prevent any adverse consequences. We should know that the law enforcement of ordinary events abroad is much stricter than that at home.

Airline and airport policies on e-cigarettes

Generally, there are smoking areas in international airports. Passengers are allowed to smoke in the designated areas. Few people prohibit smoking and electronic smoking in airport areas. In case of any doubt, it is better to ask the check-in personnel for relevant laws.

If there is a stopover in the process of going to the destination, do not use electronic cigarettes without being familiar with the local laws, otherwise it may cause unnecessary trouble for the journey.

If you really want to smoke, it is recommended to leave the airport building for smoking and then return immediately, provided that the subsequent registration procedures are normal.

Occupancy policy with electronic cigarette products

It is forbidden to include electronic cigarette products and accessories in checked baggage, such as evaporator, electronic cigarette pen and atomizer. It can be carried with you and taken to the engine room after passing the safety inspection.

Since the explosion in 2006, all commercial airlines around the world have banned all liquids above 100ml.

Although lithium battery has already penetrated into all aspects of people's life, and mobile phones, tablet computers and other electronic equipment are indispensable parts, it is necessary to know that the battery quality in the electronic cigarette equipment is generally poor. It is emphasized in many countries' aviation policies that evaporator batteries are not allowed in checked baggage.

For safety reasons, it is recommended to carry a small box with independent fire protection to prevent the battery from contacting with any metal and catching fire. There is also a risk of ignition in the air due to changes in internal pressure. Therefore, it is best to unplug all electronic cigarette equipment and take out the battery for independent storage to ensure safety.

Airlines generally do not allow passengers to charge electronic cigarette equipment on flights.

International law against electronic cigarettes

In many other countries and regions, e-cigarette laws are similar to local smoking laws. Smoking in public places is generally illegal. In addition, some laws prohibit the sale and use of electronic cigarettes for people under the age of 18.

Responsibility as an electronic smoker

Many countries and regions believe that most people are reluctant to see smoking in public places. Therefore, please follow some due Etiquette:

1) Please do not smoke in the elevator and waiting room.

2) It is forbidden to smoke in the dining area because the smell of smoking will affect the people around.

3) Observe general smoking etiquette.

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