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Electronic cigarette harm reduction race into the second half


The competition of reducing harm in e-cigarette market is quietly starting. On September 17, relx Yueke announced that it had recently opened the life science laboratory. Industry insiders believe that at present, the global e-cigarette research is still in a fragmented state, and the domestic systematic scientific research in the field of electronic atomization inhalation is difficult to meet the rapid development of the industry, and the public urgently need to obtain more information to re understand the impact of e-cigarette on health.

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According to reports, relx Yueke life science laboratory will systematically study the toxicity reduction degree of electronic aerosol at the level of human cells and animals, so as to carry out toxicological research and preclinical safety assessment for products. "Toxicology research is a necessary process for the development of cosmetics, skin care products and new drugs, and an important module in food science," said Jiang Xingtao, director of relx Yueke laboratory. The toxicological study of relx Yueke products is to study the effects on different body tissues and different dimensions through dozens of different aerosol chemical components. "

At the same time, relx Yueke also announced the establishment of a "1 + 4" scientific research path, and will establish a science matrix in 2020-2030. The science matrix includes the establishment of an expert team of many scientists, regular return visits to multiple relx users, establishment of multiple scientific laboratories, long-term project cooperation with several universities, establishment of long-term toxicology research with many professional scientific evaluation institutions, long-term clinical evaluation with multiple hospitals, and cumulative output of hundreds of scientific discoveries.

In addition, the relx Yueke physical and chemical laboratory, established in 2019, has recently been recognized by CNAs (China National Accreditation Committee for conformity assessment). It is reported that CNAs (China National Accreditation Service for conformity assessment) is the English abbreviation of China National Accreditation Commission for conformity assessment. It is the only institution in China qualified to issue the national accreditation laboratory, which is established and authorized by the national certification and Accreditation Administration.

Wen Yilong, co-founder of relx Yueke and head of R & D and supply chain, said that in daily operation, relx Yueke physicochemical laboratory systematically monitored more than 130 indicators of aerosol and aerosol in relx Yueke's exclusive factory, and carried out quantitative analysis on atomization liquid and aerosol in electronic cigarette.

It is worth mentioning that the deepening of e-cigarette research is based on the continuous expansion of its market scale. According to the data, the global tobacco products market will reach 859.3 billion US dollars in 2019. Among them, the global e-cigarette market scale reached 44.7 billion US dollars, and showed a further expansion trend. China's e-cigarette market is also accelerating its expansion, with a market scale of 7.86 billion yuan in 2019 and expected to exceed 9 billion yuan in 2021.

In the face of broad development space, the e-cigarette brands in the market have played health and environmental protection and other selling points in product publicity. According to the survey results of AIDS media consultation, the main reasons for the respondents to choose e-cigarettes are to help them quit smoking and protect the environment. In addition, appetite control, work needs and facial maintenance are also reasons for choosing e-cigarettes.

Liu Peiqing, chairman of Guangdong Pharmacology Society and director of national local joint Engineering Laboratory of new drug evaluation and evaluation at Sun Yat sen University, said that at this stage, the electronic nebulizer has crossed the initial stage of product validation, and it is necessary to conduct physical and chemical safety, clinical and behavioral research by using modern medicine, toxicology and other methods, and electronic cigarette manufacturers will increase investment in scientific research To a certain extent, it also expands the industry's cognitive radius of electronic atomizer.

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