WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

From January 1, next year, the UK and Ireland will implement different channel e-cigarette policies


According to foreign reports, due to the brexit of the UK, steam companies that want to put e-cigarettes on the British market will have to send notices through different channels after January 1.

FDA Cartridge Vape Pen

FDA Cartridge Vape Pen

The drug and health products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) will continue to be the competent authority for the notification schemes for e-cigarettes and refills in the UK and Northern Ireland.

From January 2021, manufacturers of nicotine containing e-cigarettes and replacement containers will be required to:

Submission of notification about the UK using MHRA

Notification to Northern Ireland using European common entry (euceg)

Retailers are not required to submit information about any products they sell unless they also have producer qualifications.

The UK government has published a number of guidance documents and videos on its website explaining the process.

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