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How many sealebia e-cigarettes can I smoke?


How many sealebia e-cigarettes can I smoke? Many users of sealebia e-cigarettes ask this question. In fact, the capacity of an e-cigarette bomb on the market is almost the same, and how many can be smoked is also the same.

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How many cigarettes can a small cigarette suit smoke?

The capacity of each cigarette cartridge in sealebia is 1.5ml, and the content of nicotine is 5%, which is equivalent to the content of two packs of cigarettes, about 300 cigarettes can be inhaled. The inner package also contains three different flavors of cigarette cartridge, which are: provide Blueberry / Mint / Cola / Lychee / Mixed / Fruit / Peach / GreenBean /  Strawberry / Coffee / Tobacco.

The content of flow flux brand electronic smoke bomb is consistent with the packaging label, and the proportion is strictly in accordance with the standards of 50mg / ml and 30mg / ml, so there is no need to worry about excessive intake. It is worth mentioning that flow ferro electronic cigarette has 15 mouth vibration reminder function, which is equivalent to the amount of a normal cigarette, so that users can better control and avoid excessive use.

How long can flow disposable electronic cigarette be used?

In terms of battery capacity and oil storage capacity, flow disposable e-cigarettes can reach 280mah and 1.4ml respectively, and can be inhaled at least 300 times. According to the calculation that one traditional cigarette can smoke 15 cigarettes, 300 cigarettes is equivalent to 20 traditional cigarettes, that is to say, one flow disposable electronic cigarette is equivalent to one box of traditional cigarettes, and it is smaller, portable and healthier.

The number of disposable electronic cigarettes on the market is about 200-500, which is equivalent to 2-3 packs of cigarettes. Moreover, everyone's smoking frequency is different. If the frequency is high, the time used is relatively short.

To sum up, flow electronic cigarette can smoke about 300 cigarettes. After one-time electronic cigarette is smoked, we need to buy it again. For small cigarettes, we can change the smoke cartridge. A smoke cartridge is also like 300 cigarettes. You can calculate how long a smoke cartridge can smoke according to your daily number of cigarettes.

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