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How often does the electronic smog core change?


Atomizer can be divided into "finished atomizer" and "RBA reconfigurable atomizer". Correspondingly, atomizer core can also be divided into "finished" and "RBA". "Finished core" refers to the atomized core uniformly processed and manufactured by the factory, which can be directly replaced when purchased by the user; "RBA core" refers to the user's own production of heating wire, cotton and other materials.

How often does the electronic smog core change?

How often does the electronic smog core change?

Generally speaking, the service life of the finished atomizing core should be about 7 days to half a month. However, due to the different frequency and smoke oil used by each person, the service life of the atomizing core varies greatly.

The service life of RBA's atomizing core is determined by everyone's usage habits. For example, some people like to replace it once a day, or even once a tank of oil, while others change it in 3-5 days, half a month or even a month. Generally, the replacement frequency is relatively ordinary, and the service life of the atomizing core is relatively long.

How often does the electronic smog core change? Factors affecting the life of atomizing core

Everyone's use habits and pursuit of experience effect determine the service life of the atomizing core, so what are these factors?

A. Power.

If the output power set by the user is too high, the high temperature produced by the coil will excessively evaporate the smoke oil, and the surrounding cotton can not replenish the smoke oil in time, which will lead to the "paste core" and scrap.

B. Tobacco oil.

The higher the sugar content, the easier the "carbon deposition". That is to say, when the coil atomizes the smoke oil, the black substance is formed on the coil, which will affect the heating efficiency of the coil and the taste of the evaporated smoke, and reduce the taste and performance of the atomizer, similar to the "paste core".

C. Not "moisten the core".

Before using the new atomizing core, it is necessary to drop a proper amount of tobacco oil into the cotton around the coil to soak the cotton, that is, "moisten the core". It is convenient for the atomizing core to absorb the smoke oil more smoothly in the formal use process. It is generally required to wait for more than 15 minutes before directly adding the non moistened core, otherwise it is easy to "paste the core".

D. High VG oil.

It is mainly due to the viscosity and poor fluidity of the smoke oil, which reduces the oil conducting performance of the atomizing core, thus causing the "paste core" to reduce the service life.

How often does the electronic smog core change? How often to replace the atomizing core

There is no fixed replacement cycle for the atomizing core. Players can judge whether it needs to be replaced according to their own experience:

A. Judgment of smoke oil taste. In the process of use, the smoke oil taste becomes worse, mixed with a little paste (burning cotton flavor), and even has the feeling of "spicy voice". Check whether the "paste core" occurs in the atomizing core. If it happens, it needs to be replaced.

B. Observe the inside of the atomizing core. The oil bin can be removed, the inside of the atomizing core can be observed to see whether the cotton around the coil is burnt, discolored and carbon accumulated, and whether to replace it can be determined according to the situation.


The service life of the atomizing core is mainly determined by the smoke oil and power. It is not used with any super power. It is reasonable to pursue the "high sugar content, high VG" smoke oil and wet the core before use. All of these can effectively extend the service life of the atomizing core. Although "carbon deposition" and "paste core" are inevitable, they should be minimized. In addition, the correct disassembly and assembly of atomizer and timely cleaning of atomizer core can also extend the service life of atomizer core, thereby reducing the use cost.

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