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How to choose Disposable Vape,Cartridge Vape and Oil Vape?


With more and more users of disposable e-cigarettes, and many repeat purchases, I suddenly think of a question, what are the core needs of these users? Or how can I provide the value they really need?

So today I'll give you an objective introduction. How are the mature products different in today's e-cigarette market.

Apart from the big smoke electronic cigarettes of senior players and other "strange" electronic cigarettes, such as the ancient cigarette type electronic cigarettes, the most popular choice of the general public on the market is the following three categories:

One time small smoke, closed smoke change cartridge small smoke, small smoke with oil injection

The price ranges from low to high, tens to hundreds, and then hundreds to thousands. The playing method is progressive step by step, and the general principle is similar. The lithium battery drives the atomizer to atomize and inhale the smoke and oil.

1. Disposable vape:

Disassembly and assembly is just for use, without charging (it can't be charged, one time). The entry-level trial products of various brands provide various tastes, generally less than the rechargeable electronic cigarettes. The price range of products on the market is mostly 29-49 yuan, mainly 39 and 49 yuan. It's not recommended to try any cheaper ones. Moreover, as the market matures, the cheap products will gradually fade out of the market.

disposable vape bar

In addition to the difference between taste and taste, another quantifiable indicator is the "number of mouthfuls", that is, the storage capacity of tobacco and oil silos, usually 300-500 mouthfuls.

2. Cartridge Vape:

The main products of almost all brands are also the development trend of e-cigarettes. In addition to the charging line and other accessories, the electronic cigarette exchange cartridge is composed of two parts: the cigarette gun and the cigarette bomb. It can be used after being charged and plugged in. There are many flavors, and the manufacturers are constantly innovating. The advantages are convenience, economy, and better taste experience upgrading, which will be discussed later.

Cartridge Vape Kit

3. Oil filling type:

It is a higher-level playing method, which can be understood as a convenient version of "big smoke", and it is a more traditional or primitive type of electronic smoke. In addition to the smoke gun and the smoke bomb, you also need to purchase additional smoke oil for filling, which can not be used through the convenient replacement of the smoke bomb. But it looks pretty.

open Oil Vape

1. Disposable vape:

It's mainly for users to choose e-cigarettes for the first time. You can see its shelves in convenience stores, Internet cafes and other channels. Especially under the increasingly strict smoking ban policy, in order not to arouse others' antipathy, plus curiosity, you may try a one-time e-cigarette, which is very convenient to open and use.

But unfortunately, now I can still see a lot of disposable e-cigarettes of ordinary quality, which is no different from persuading the first users of e-cigarettes. Lead users to say, not used to, or cigarette. And I will say, it's not your fault. It's just average. I hope the market can eliminate the situation as soon as possible.

For my senior e-cigarette users, one-time use scenarios are: first, they are willing to try more products; second, they forget to take out the door to replace the e-cigarette, and now they buy a one-time top.

2. Cartridge Vape:

After you decide to enter the "pit" of e-cigarettes, you will definitely start to buy a bullet change type e-cigarettes, because you can see it in many stores, and it is also the main product of major brands and dealers.

The moderate price (about 300 yuan for a set), convenient use, and numerous taste experience make the bullet changing type the best choice for long-term use. It's very convenient to charge the battery and take one or two of your favorite flavors with you. Moreover, the taste and taste are relatively one-off, with obvious improvement. Generally, in a brand, the price of a cigarette bomb can top a one-time one, and the difference brought by the cost can be pondered, which is a very real thing.

3. Oil filling type:

When the "big smog" came into being, it was basically enthusiast level players. DIY smoke oil taste and even Taobao all kinds of accessories DIY electronic smoke itself, very small. And the title of "big smoke" is also worthy of its name. Its smoke volume is so large that it can trigger a smoke fire extinguisher, spit out a mouthful of smoke, and it's surrounded by smoke. I'm afraid it's not a water ninja who is good at fog concealment. Such a big smog, more for performance, mostly exists in bars or enthusiast parties.

If you play big smog in public to arouse the people's plan, I will raise my hands in favor of the police, or the enthusiastic citizens who are brave and brave will directly control you.

But now many improved electronic cigarettes with oil injection have abandoned the exaggerated atomization amount and focused more on the product design itself and the quality of cigarette oil. If you are a junior player, it is not recommended to use such a high cost to directly try oiling. It is a bit troublesome indeed. If you are a senior player, I believe you can't read my article.

Finally, when it comes to DIY cigarette oil, I really don't have the patience and technology. According to a friend of my senior e-cigarette dealer, I've tried it myself. I suggest buying the finished products of large factories directly and honestly.

In fact, when it comes to product technology, there are many details I can talk about, such as atomizing core material, air hole location, atomizer structure, etc. I write that I am not tired, but you are absolutely tired, and you are not the most concerned. So in this chapter, I will select the closest point to the user's actual use.

The relatively one-time improvement of the bullet changing type mainly lies in the battery capacity, atomization ability and the soot itself. No need to charge at one time and throw it when it is used up, so the battery can match the amount of smoke and oil, while the bullet changing type needs to consider not only the endurance, but also the atomization effect, that is, the power should be large enough to promote the atomization work, so as to achieve a more delicate and full atomization taste.

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