WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How to classify the taste of commonly used electronic cigarette oil


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There are five common flavors of electronic cigarette oil in the market:

Tobacco flavor: imitation tobacco (that is, imitation of the existing traditional cigarette aroma, such as China, Furong, Liqun, Marlboro, etc.); common tobacco (that is, blended with a variety of tobacco and food flavors, has a unique blend of tobacco aroma, such as mild tobacco, nut tobacco, classic tobacco, etc.).

Fruit taste: it is the most popular taste in the market. Common fruits, such as apples, mangoes, lemons, watermelons, grapes, blueberries, etc., each fruit can be made into different taste directions according to its different taste at different maturity stages, such as green apples and red apples, ripe mangoes and green mangoes, watermelon pulp and watermelon skin, etc.

Herbal taste: the taste of grass like plants. Such as mint, vanilla, liquorice, etc

Beverage taste: imitating the taste of all kinds of drinks. Such as coke, Fanta, coffee series, red wine series

Tea flavor: the taste of imitated famous tea drinks. Such as Dahongpao, Tieguanyin, Wulong tea, Longjing tea, Dancong tea, etc.

In order to enrich the product line of electronic cigarette oil, electronic cigarette oil manufacturers have developed the above-mentioned common electronic cigarette oil taste. In recent years, more electronic cigarette oil manufacturers have begun to turn their research and development to the functionality of electronic cigarette oil.

The so-called "functionality" actually refers to the addition of one or several components with special effects in the commonly used formula of tobacco oil, so that the finished product has a special effect in addition to its own taste. For example:

The sleeping effect of CBD (cannabis diphenol, mainly used in the medical field, is the non addictive part of cannabis) is simply to let people's mind and body relax);

Rejuvenating and whitening (containing rejuvenating and whitening agents so as to have antioxidant effect, which can delay skin aging and inhibit pigmentation);

Melatonin (also known as melatonin, melatonin, anti melanin, pineal gland hormone, mainly used to delay aging and improve sleep);

Vitamin (vitamin, also known as vitamin, is a kind of organic substance necessary for maintaining human life activities, and also an important active substance for maintaining human health)

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