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How to clean the carbon deposit on the heating wire of atomizer


Now the electronic cigarette players are challenging different tricks every day. In order to pursue better taste and bigger smoke, the players constantly create different fancy winding methods. The fancy coil is made of many heating wires, and its heating area is larger than that of common heating wires. Therefore, it is better than ordinary hair heating wire in taste and smoke. However, there is a problem with heating wires. Many novices are worried about the carbon deposition of heating wires. What to do with the carbon deposition of heating wires? How to clean the carbon deposition of heating wires will be explained in detail in this article.

Atomizer heating wire

When the hot silk just appeared, many players could only sigh at it because of the complicated winding technology. With the development of electronic cigarette industry, there are many fancy wires with various materials, which have been wound into heating coils, commonly known as fancy finished wires. It makes it easier for players to experience vape experience from fancy ribbon.

In fact, after using fancy silk for a few days, there will be more or less carbon deposits attached to the surface of the silk, which will not only look very appetizing, but also affect the taste. When drawing, there will always be some burnt paste. What follows is that the players often do the cleaning hair hot silk and change the cotton. But in fact, there are still many things worth our attention when cleaning fancy silk. Today, let's talk about how to clean the carbon deposit of heating wire. If you have carbon deposit of heating wire, how to clean and maintain it.

Heating wire high temperature burning

If your heating wire has accumulated carbon, it will have a more obvious paste taste. In general, we may recommend cleaning and changing cotton in 1-2 days. Now we can follow the operation method to try to clean the carbon deposition of heating wire. After removing the cotton, install the atomizer on the main engine. Just like when burning wire, then adjust the voltage to about 3.0V. (the resistance used by the author is 0.16 Ω, and the power is adjusted to 55W). Do not adjust the power too high, because high temperature heating, carbon deposition will burst, hot hands. The whole heating wire may also be blown directly. When heating, you can smell the strong burning smell, which is caused by the carbon deposition on the surface of the heating wire. After the heating wire is burnt red, it can be seen that the obvious carbon deposit is scabby and adheres to the surface of the heating wire. After the heating wire is burnt red, the ignition key can be released, and then the heating wire can be put into the warm water (the water temperature is about 40-60 °). Be careful not to touch water.

Remember here - don't fire! Don't light the fire!! Don't fire!!! Otherwise, the heating wire will be short circuited and will burn red in water and then fuse.

Put the red hot wire into water for quenching

Why use warm water?

In fact, the red hot wire is put into water, and the heat treatment process of this rapid cooling process is called "quenching". If the difference between the water temperature and the temperature of the heating wire is too large, the heating wire will become brittle, that is, the heating wire will be easily broken. It directly affects the service life of the heating wire. After several times of "quenching", it can be seen that there are many black granular carbon deposits in the water.

Then, we can use the brush to clean the hair. Remove the carbon deposit in the small gap between the wires. The bristles of this brush are usually made of stainless steel and brass, and stainless steel is also harder than brass. When washing, pay attention to the following 2 points:

1. The strength must be gentle, not dead force. Because the outer wrapping wire of hair heating wire is generally relatively small and thin, and it is easy to hurt the outer wrapping wire due to excessive force.

2. Wash in one direction. Can't brush back and forth repeatedly. I am used to washing from left to right, and then from top to bottom. Because if you brush back and forth repeatedly, the original wire with complex winding process will be disrupted, resulting in a larger gap between the outer wrapped wires.

After that, I like to separate the whole atomizer and put it into the ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning. Let all kinds of dirt hidden in the atomizer be cleaned out.

Finally, after air drying the atomizer, we can install the main engine and adjust the wire burning. Then let the heating wire cool naturally to room temperature.

In fact, this step is to adjust the heating wire to see if the heating is even. It still has the function of tempering. It can improve the performance and service life of the heating wire.

In fact, the use of fancy silk, might as well try to choose a lower sweetness, better oil. This can directly reduce the amount of carbon deposition.

Fancy silk brings players a higher quality vape experience. However, due to the material and winding technology, the price of fancy silk is higher than that of ordinary hot silk. When we use fancy silk, we should know how to clean and maintain it.

Just like a car, you should appreciate it but also know how to maintain it. This can not only prolong the service life of fancy silk, but also make fancy silk hair have better performance and experience. Of course, it's impossible to use the heating wire for cleaning and carbon deposition all the time. There is a limit to the life of a heating wire. Generally, you may need to change the heating wire after cleaning twice, because if you save money and don't change the heating wire, it will affect your experience and taste. I hope everyone can find the fun of e-cigarettes and help more people around me to bring a product for cigarettes!

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